Homeros Valley Struck by the Flood is Resurrected

Selin-struck Homeros Valley Removed Again
Selin-struck Homeros Valley Removed Again

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting renovation works in the Homeros Valley Recreation Area in Bornova, which was affected by the flood. It is estimated that the cost of the works in the valley, where the cobblestones have been completely removed and the trees are toppled, will reach 2,2 million lira.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality rolled up its sleeves for the Homeros Valley Recreation Area, which was damaged by the flood. Metropolitan teams, which have completed the damage assessment studies, are starting the renovation works. The cost of the damage caused by the flood to the valley will reach 2,2 million lira. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams will rearrange the area of ​​20 thousand square meters. Culvert expansion and cleaning works will be carried out within the scope of the works.

Flood and storm caused heavy damage

During the heavy rains on the night of February 2, there was damage to the parquet coatings in the area of ​​1 thousand square meters, including walking paths, sitting and picnic areas in Homer 2, Homer 3 and Homer 20 regions. Lighting poles were toppled and power lines were broken due to the severe storm. Stones and sand carried by the flood blocked the culverts and ponds. Picnic tables were toppled, trees were uprooted, and cracks had formed in the floor of the roads.

"The flood unfortunately destroyed many areas by dragging materials such as roads, trees, benches, garbage containers," said Atılgan Taşdemir, the Northern Areas Maintenance Manager of the Parks and Gardens Department. Atılgan Taşdemir stated that the teams started to work to remove the rubble piles in the region right after the flood and said, “There were ruptures on the ground due to the removal of the paving stones here. First of all, crashes on the roads will be eliminated. The floors will be strengthened and their top coatings will be made. Later, we will work to eliminate the damage in green areas, ”he said. Taşdemir warned that the danger has not yet passed due to the collapse of the grounds formed after the disaster in the region and those who go to the valley should be careful.

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