Haydarpaşa Train Station Should Be Opened With All Its Functions

Haydarpasa Gari should be open to use with all its functions.
Haydarpasa Gari should be open to use with all its functions.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity responded to the words of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, that "Haydarpaşa Station will continue its railway operations with its new face, as it used to be". In the statement, it was stated that "Haydarpaşa Train Station should be opened to use with all its functions, not partially."

Gar, persistently wanted to be destroyed

In the statement of Haydarpaşa Solidarity, it was stated: “Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made a press statement after making observations at Haydarpaşa Train Station on 08.02.2021, saying, 'Historic Haydarpaşa Station area; Archaeopark Station Complex design concept with Turkey and will be a world first. The archeopark, which sheds light on the history of Istanbul, will become an important attraction point in terms of historical tourism. When the restoration, museum and archeo park works are completed, Haydarpaşa Train Station will continue its railway activities with its new face, as it was in the past. '

“Unfortunately since 2004; an original part of the unique silhouette of the world and preserved as the historical, cultural and natural values ​​of Istanbul; Haydarpaşa Train Station, Coastal and Port Area, the gateway of Anatolia to the west, are among the most important places that make up our memories and social memory, and they are persistently wanted to be destroyed by pillage plans and decisions made under the name of countless projects and conservation.

“Undoubtedly, although the uncompromising struggle of all relevant institutions and organizations, especially Haydarpaşa Solidarity, before the law and the public, has prevented the success of these initiatives until now, the effort and effort of the members of the government to surrender Haydarpaşa train station and its surroundings to the capital. did not end. "

Garda archeo-park will be created

Haydarpaşa Solidarity continued by saying that it was understood from this statement that a museum and archaeo-park will be established at the Haydarpaşa Station site and that the existing platforms are intended to be used only for YHTs:

“However, with the approval of 26.04.2006/85-scale Conservation Zoning Plan of Haydarpaşa Station and its back field, which is currently registered as Urban and Historical Site with the decision of the Istanbul 1th Regional Board for the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Assets No. (archaeo-park, museum platform) there is also no extension plan.

“The 1/5000 scale Conservation Zoning Plan for Haydarpaşa Station and its back field and the extension plan drafts regarding the arrangement (archeo-park, museum platform) to be made in the station field should be shared with the public immediately, The opinions and suggestions of Haydarpaşa Solidarity, which has been struggling since then, on the plan drafts should be taken.

“We will not leave Haydarpaşa Station alone”

Solidarity lists its views on the plans prepared for the Haydarpaşa Station building and its back area as follows:

  • Haydarpaşa Station, as it has been for more than a century, should be put into operation as soon as possible for all city residents with transportation service. In short, your main priority in this area; As the cultural, historical and social memory of Haydarpaşa Train Station strongly indicates, it should be in favor of the transportation function.
  • Haydarpaşa Station should continue its railway activities with its new face, not only “partially” but also with mainline and regional express trains.
  • Haydarpaşa Solidarity; As he has repeatedly stated, it is not a platform that is insensitive to archeology and art, against museums and cultural activities. As many scientists have stated, Haydarpaşa Solidarity stubbornly carries and defends the idea that archaeological excavations in the region can be shared with the public without harming the function of the Gar.

“This place, which provides a transportation service accessible to everyone, offers the synthesis of ferry and train to all residents, is a bridge between the periphery of the city and the center, weaves ties between Istanbul and other Anatolian cities, in short, builds many opportunities for social encounters and dialogues, Haydarpaşa Train Station. We will never leave you alone. Haydarpaşa is a station, it will remain a station.”

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