Havra Street Has Taken a Brand New Face

synagogue street turned into a brand new hell
synagogue street turned into a brand new hell

The arrangement works on Havra Street, one of the most important shopping places of the city with its historical texture and lively structure of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, have been completed. While the sales stand support was provided to the shopkeepers on the street, whose infrastructure was completely renewed, shop signs were changed. The top cover created gives a new aesthetic appearance to the Havra Street. kazannagged.

As a part of the project initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to revive the historical axis between Konak and Kadifekale and increase the attractiveness of the region, the work on the Havra Street arrangement has been completed. Within the scope of the works carried out to reveal the unique atmosphere of Havra Street, the infrastructure in the region was completely renewed. The Metropolitan Municipality has also renewed the rainwater grids in the region where the canal and rainwater lines are separated in the 136-meter section.

New signage and sales stands

As a result of extensive work in Havra Street, drinking water networks, energy, communication and lighting lines were also improved. The deteriorating ground of the commercial district, where thousands of Izmir residents shop every day, was leveled with stones. Covering works on the street have been completed to a great extent. New sales stands were given to Havra Street tradesmen with a renewed face. The workplace signs of the tradesmen who started using the stands were also renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality.

With its historical texture and unique structure, Havra Street, one of the most important commercial areas of the city, has received great acclaim with its new form.

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