Railway Logistics Attack from Toyota Automotive

from toyota automotive railway logistics atagi
from toyota automotive railway logistics atagi

📩 01/02/2021 11:05

Turkey's production and exports among the leaders of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, the railway's economic supply chain and logistics, brings innovative and environmentally friendly solution.

It produces cars in the world, about 90 percent of 150 exported to different countries that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey has continued its activities Sakarya delivering to the harbor by truck from the factory the vehicles produced at the plant is performing its exports by sea. Potential vehicle transportation is approximately 32 thousand trucks per year; The part logistics realized is around 54 thousand trucks. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, part of the supply chain continues to work on behalf of more effective ways to use the train in imports.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, the sea route to Japan from parts of the vehicle, DP World Yarımca and Evyapan Port Operations carried out with the result of the cooperation; It is transported from the ports in Yarımca to Arifiye Station by using the railway. Vehicle parts are transferred from Arifiye Station to the factory by trucks, 60 containers per week. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, since the beginning of the railway logistics operations more efficient and performing the logistics activities in an environmentally friendly manner.

Environmentally friendly methods and continues its production activities with technology, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, and actively began its railway logistics use global Toyota 2050 Environmental reducing target in line with its carbon dioxide emissions greatly contributes also to green logistics concept.

indicating that the railway logistics will make an important contribution to Turkey's economy, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey General Manager and CEO Toshihiko Kudo, "in order to use relatively less use our rail logistics more efficient, we continue our work. I think that the railway, which is a much more environmentally friendly transportation method compared to the highway, will make an important contribution in terms of reducing the traffic density. We will always be able to expand our activities and thus will continue our efforts to train logistics in vehicle exports and imports subject to increase our contribution to Turkey's economy be able to use the name of a more active, "he said.

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