Exports by Rail Increased 33 Percent to Record Level

exports by rail increased by percentage points to a record level
exports by rail increased by percentage points to a record level

Ares Logistics CEO Engin Kırcı stated that in the pandemic period, exports by rail increased by 33 percent and reached a record level. Stating that this increase reached 43 percent in March and April, when quarantine measures were intensified, Kırcı said, "Due to the strict controls on the roads and border gates and other measures, intermodal transport with railways and Ro-Ro came to the fore." said.

Exports by rail increased 33 percent due to pandemic measures, reaching a record level. Ares Logistics CEO Engin Kırcı noted that exporters are turning to alternative transportation solutions due to pandemic measures and densities.

Kırcı stated that the intermodal, which is environmentally friendly and low-cost, using different transportation models together, attracted more attention in this period, and shared TÜİK's "export according to transport modes" data. Kırcı emphasized that in March and April, when quarantine measures were intensified, the share of railway transportation in exports doubled compared to the same period of 2019.

Republic record in exports by rail

Reminding that border crossings were seriously problematic in March and April, Kırcı said that exports by rail increased 43 percent in value in the relevant period. Kırcı stated that the exporter's preference for the railroad continues in May and beyond.

Reminding that the total exports decreased by 2019 percent compared to 6 with the effect of the pandemic last year, Kırcı said, “Exports by rail reached 33 billion 1 million dollars with an increase of 288 percent. Thus, a record was broken in rail transport in exports. Even because of the pandemic, the importance of the railroad in freight transportation has been seen once again. " he spoke.

Internationally linked railway investments increased

Kırcı, Turkey in recent years has given weight to the international railway investments linked to attention. Halkalı- With the Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train Project, the freight transport time on this route will be shortened by 4 hours and 10 minutes, Kırcı reminded that the export train to China has been put into service and the Istanbul-Tehran-Islamabad freight train will be reopened.

"International transport by rail will increase even more"

Kırcı shared the information that a total of 2020 million 2 thousand tons of international freight transportation was carried out to Europe, Asia and Iran by rail in January-September 600. This figure, compared to the same period in 2019 655 thousand tons, and that means 35 percent Kırcı highlight the upcoming period will mostly be used in Turkey in the international freight transport in the railways, he added.

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