Health Problems Requiring Aesthetics

health problems that necessitate aesthetics
health problems that necessitate aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, beauty comes to our mind first. It is thought that aesthetic surgeries are performed only for improvement. However, aesthetic surgery offers surgical solutions to many health problems. The aesthetic and functional treatment of some congenital or acquired ailments is performed by the aesthetic surgery branch. Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Defne Erkara gave information on the subject.

Briefly referred to as aesthetic surgery, the full name of the branch of medicine is "Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery". This simply means beautification, remake, or correction. We are able to solve many congenital or after misfortunes such as accident, cancer, etc. Examples of these are cleft palate and lip, excess or deficiencies of fingers and toes, scars after burns. In addition, breathing difficulties, weight problems, skin problems due to smoking, postpartum problems, diseases related to caffeine consumption can be treated by plastic surgery.

Op.Dr.Defne Erkara added the following to her words; There are surgeries that look like some plastic surgery but are absolutely necessary not only in terms of aesthetics but also function. These surgeries have become a necessity rather than aesthetics due to the serious discomfort they cause. These ailments are as follows;

Breast reduction surgery

When women with large breasts express their discomfort and want to undergo surgery, many people, especially their families, are against it. However, living with a big breast is so difficult. It causes difficulties such as shoulder and even back, waist pain, hernia formation over time, bad odor and various infections under the breast, difficulty in finding clothes, and difficulty in exercising. The big breast problem is a genetic condition. There is always a large mammal in the family. Gaining weight increases breast size. Some medical branch physicians (physical therapy, orthopedics, dermatology, neurosurgery, etc.) direct their patients to plastic surgeons to solve the problems caused by large breasts. This problem is eliminated with breast reduction surgery.

Upper eyelid surgery

If we exclude early sagging genetically, a common disorder seen in the society after the age of 40 is the sagging of the upper eyelid. The most important reason is that the eyebrows or eyelids are displaced downwards as a result of the pressure applied by gravity. Aside from the visual discomfort, the narrowing of the visual field, the rapid fatigue of the eyes, and the further increase in tiredness towards the evening disrupt the life quality of the person. This problem can be easily solved with its aesthetics. Immediately after the operation, the patient notices that the visual field has expanded and the eye strain is gone. Moreover, although there are swelling and bruises in most surgeries.

Septum deviation with the nasal arch

The curvature in the wall that separates the nostrils and is called the septum is called septum deviation. Curvatures in this wall cause breathing difficulties. In cases where there is no nasal deformity requiring aesthetic deformities, the problem is solved only with septum surgery, but in most cases, septum deviation occurs with a shape problem such as a nasal belt. In this case, rhinoplasty becomes mandatory.

Deformities in people with excessive weight gain or excessive birth

Excessive weight gain and multiple births lead to enlargement of the body skin. When these weights are lost or the birth ends, the skin tries to gather itself, but there is a little loss of flexibility. In this case, sagging of the skin is seen. These sags visually disturb the person and prevent daily movements and sports due to the weight effect and separation from the muscles. Not to mention that it creates trouble in terms of hygiene. In this case, the only remedy is to remove these excess skins by surgery. Especially, we can solve the sagging as a result of the skin stretching that we see frequently in the abdominal skin by abdominoplasty surgery. In addition, skin sagging on the arms, legs and back is corrected surgically.

As a result; Function correcting surgeries, which have become mandatory due to the difficulties they cause in daily life and need to be corrected aesthetically, are frequently performed by plastic surgeons, thus making the daily lives of people more comfortable.

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