Erzincan Trabzon Railway is a Ridiculous Project

erzincan trabzon railway is a ridiculous project
erzincan trabzon railway is a ridiculous project

Stating that he was telling the truth as a Trabzon citizen, Saadet Party Black Sea Region Inspector Dursun Ali Düzenli said that the train line to be built to the Black Sea is Samsun-Sarp.

Regular said: “Mr. Tayyip calls himself a child of this region, as a Black Sea native. From Artvin to Sinop, it gets at least 18 percent of the vote in 60 years. Even so, he does not do what he has to do to the Black Sea. During the time of Erbakan Hodja, I entered the general administrative board of the party with Tayyip Bey. I was the Trabzon province president for 5 years. I also finished my schools first. I'm telling you to get to know me. As his friend, I call Mr. Tayip: Make Samsun-Sarp.

Samsun-Not Sarp, Samsun-Sarp

Samsun-Sarp Railway is the lifeblood of the Black Sea. We need a rail system. Do not be sorry Samsun-Not doing Sarp is being a sucker. The first investment of the Black Sea is Samsun-Sarp. Samsun-Sarp railway is not a thing, then do it or not. Samsun-Sarp has a road to China. I am saying this as from Trabzon. The real project is Samsun-Sarp, the Erzincan line is story, deception. The Black Sea MPs should also agree on the Samsun-Sarp line. "

Source: Army Incident

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