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We have listed the ones that stand out among the ISO quality certificates and have considerable application figures that can be considered popular. Before deciding which iso document to buy with this article, you may want to take a look at generally available standards. Except for some public tenders, import and export cases, no iso certificate is required unless indicated by law. In accordance with the public procurement regulations, different documents such as ISO 9001 can be requested in the employment requests of public institutions and organizations.

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ISO is a word that needs to be understood before moving on to the topic, so you can visit the relevant page of wikipedia, the world's free encyclopedia. click here you may want to take a look.

1) ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the most popular standard of all time. There is almost no institution left that does not have it. A communication pattern has been formed between companies with ISO 9001 in almost every country of the world.

It stands for quality management system. It has documentation processes that will manage to ensure the current institution quality. It helps to adopt a more effective management understanding by dividing the whole business into small parts called processes.


Obtaining this certification means ensuring that all the work done is written step by step. There is a directive published by ISO for you, and you create guidelines for your own institution in accordance with these guidelines. These are procedures for processes, instructions for machine equipment and sub-processes, lists for resources and forms for application models.

Finally, with this document, whose new version was published in 2015, marketing departments were included in the quality management system, albeit relatively.

2) ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is organized to cover food producers and all companies that have contact in the food production chain. With this standard, food safety is taken under control at every stage, and all production routes from the producer to the consumer gain a reliable basis against food risks. This is the most popular management system for foodies when it comes to food.


Moreover, the HACCP records that food producers must comply with and which are required when applying to the district agriculture directorates for production permit are also included. When you finish applying 22000 methods for your company today, you will have the opportunity to repeat the food hygiene and sanitation practices in a real sense, sequentially and periodically without forgetting. For information about HACCP Visit the link.

It is possible to obtain ISO 22000 not only for companies that produce food directly, but also for products such as packaging and boxes that will come into contact with food. The whole standard is full of recommendations optimized for food. Even if you do not want to receive the document in any way, be sure to read the standard and understand what it means will be important information for the future of your business.

Establishing and implementing a food safety management system is only directly proportional to the knowledge and experience of a food engineer.

The last revision of this document was made in 2018, and a solid infrastructure that can be described as seated as in other standards has been achieved. It has facilitated the integration and understanding of the distribution and balance management systems brought about by the new revisions.

3) ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a document that has high expectations from companies regarding the fact that environmental resources are consumed very quickly and that resources are destroyed not only directly, contrary to the belief, but also regularly, aggressively and indirectly. Its name is the environmental management system, as it is based on managing the environment at corporate level.

It contains a large number of essential information with the life cycles of the products produced, waste disposal processes and work flow charts. It is more applicable and can be modeled in the presence of responsible environmental engineers. In this system, as in 9001, it has been updated with the last 2015 renewal.


It is an undeniable fact that companies that stand out with environmentally friendly products and services are increasingly preferred by customers. The impulse to own this environment, which has increased exponentially with social responsibility projects, will be mandatory for your company to establish an environmental management system and certification before it is too late.

4) ISO 13485

ISO 13485 is a global standard; Describes the quality management system requirements that should be applied for medical devices. Although the standard terms act in the same way as other standards, it includes a harmonized version of ISO 9001 for medical equipment manufacturers.

If a manufacturer has implemented ISO 13485; It has a foundation in line with the European Union's medical device directives, Ministry of Health directives and international directives. This means that a manufacturer's commitment to quality and safety for medical devices is ensured.

We think that the 2016 standard, whose revision was delayed due to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic and the 2020 version was approved by the ISO establishment in 13485, will be revised in a period when the conditions are healthier.

ISO 13485 -> image bottom

5) Certification Consultancy and Training Processes

Whichever of the ISO quality certificates you place in the first place, your way for each document will definitely pass through certification consultancy or training companies. Even in cases where you are not making a mutual agreement, you may need to get support from various certification companies.

project management

You can start implementing any management system or more than one integrated with the experienced personnel with the necessary skills in your own staff. Understanding that each of the ISO certificates represents a separate qualification will be enough to begin with.

If you need to learn deeper professional knowledge about ISO quality certification (what is it, how to get it, certification fees, etc.) You can visit the website. Employees of Adlbelge company will help you with fast communication options in the most sincere way in certification, consultancy and training.

6) Where to Get Documentation Training

Documentation training differs somewhat from other quality training. Training programs for many ISO bills may differ. Some companies providing quality training can do these face-to-face, some remotely online.

In the new normalization process with Covid-19, it may be the job for you to attend courses that provide distance quality education. This is all about how you can learn more comfortably.

ISO quality training;

  • Planned group trainings,
  • Basic trainings,
  • Documentation training,
  • Internal auditor training,
  • Lead auditor trainings (IRCA approved),
  • It can be divided into some sub-categories such as application training.

Which trainings you want to take, first of all, examine the website of the company that provides the course. When you finish the courses, you must do the necessary research to ensure that you can receive approved certificates of participation. You took online training, but where can you get sample iso documents?


Some educational institutions on important topics such as consultancy, sample documents and online iso quality trainings Support It can stand out with its striking features such as multiple online support, documents and training. You will be in Turkey's remote If you live in the city in which you need to appreciate the contribution you support.

Today, fast communication with technology has made it possible for every company to access certificates very quickly and easily. In order to take advantage of this advantage, we have the opportunity to turn the losses caused by the pandemic and the time spent sitting at home in our favor.

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