Emirates Improves Contactless Journey with Smart Self Check-in Kiosks

emirates improves contactless travel with smart self check in kiosks
emirates improves contactless travel with smart self check in kiosks

Emirates is now improving the contactless travel experience for passengers traveling from Dubai by making contactless self-check-in and drop-off kiosks at Dubai International Airport (DXB), which it started implementing in September last year.

32 machines with luggage release feature and 16 self check-in kiosks provide a safe and comfortable airport experience by being fully controlled with personal mobile devices without touching the screens. Kiosks allow passengers to register, get their boarding pass, choose their seat on the plane, and leave their luggage. New services have also been added to allow passengers to make additional purchases such as extra baggage allowance directly at the kiosks.

Self check-in kiosks placed in the Economy check-in area in Terminal 3 complement the counters served by Emirates check-in staff to reduce the waiting time of passengers during peak hours and improve the travel experience in Dubai. The service is currently available to passengers traveling to all destinations except the USA, Canada, China, India and Hong Kong due to additional requirements. More kiosks are planned for the First and Business class check-in areas.

Emirates spared no effort in creating contactless travel for its passengers. Passengers can also choose to use the integrated biometric route to quickly complete their transactions in DXB. Emirates passengers can register for their flights, complete passport control formalities, enter the Emirates Lounge and board their plane using the latest in hundred biometric technology.

The smart contactless experience continues on board, with passengers being able to access digital menus within the Emirates app both online and offline on their personal devices without the need to purchase a Wi-Fi package.

Passengers can also use the Emirates app to create a list of movies, TV shows and music they prefer to watch and listen to from over 4.500 channels on ice, the in-flight entertainment system, and sync it to their personal screens on board. In the coming months, passengers will be able to control the options on in-flight entertainment channels with their personal devices.

Emirates uses smart technology to help its passengers travel safely. It continues to invest in products and services to provide a unique travel experience on the ground and on the plane.

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