Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Does Not Stop Smoking

electronic cigarette teaches smoking
electronic cigarette teaches smoking

📩 09/02/2021 11:45

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Ismail Erdogu said that electronic cigarettes teach people who have never smoked to smoke at the rate of 1 third in their market.

Medicana Sivas Hospital doctor, Cardiology Specialist Dr. Ismail Erdogan, indicated that tobacco smoking and caused the death of 100 thousand people every year in Turkey, "Smoking and tobacco use is quite common in the world, the disease responsible for the deaths of 100 thousand people every year in our country. There has been a consciousness about smoking in people, people who smoke are uncomfortable. It is a harmful habit that everyone agrees with that it can cause cancer, but nowadays new things are becoming a trend. There are some public conversations as if using electronic cigarettes is not harmful, or quitting smoking or helping you quit smoking. Let's say the electronic cigarette is the invention of the last 5-10 years, it is a very new thing. Many of them now contain nicotine, not a nicotine-free product. "It helps you get the sensations you get from a cigarette by contacting a liquid with hot air with the steam method, evaporating it and drawing it into the lungs."

"Electronic cigarette is not innocent"

Stating that electronic cigarettes are not innocent, Erdogan said, “Since it is a very new thing, there are no large-scale studies on their damages, but is it something safe to use, unfortunately not. We think there will be some bad, negative things about the future. There are some chemicals used in these, although they are used in very small amounts, there are some things that have negative effects in terms of harmful carcinogens, cardiovascular diseases. We think that the extraction of sweetener chemicals to the lungs as steam and hot air will also cause some cancer-related things to develop on the lungs in the future. Electronic cigarette is not innocent. "Are electronic cigarettes more harmful than the existing cigarettes are still pending, but it is certain that they are not innocent."

"Smoking electronic cigarettes does not make you quit smoking"

Stating that those who smoke electronic cigarettes do not quit smoking to quit smoking, Erdogu said, “We do not recommend using it. In Turkey there is a legal gap, to be available and be granted, but even franchises have taken things we see in the hands of many people. I think it is useful to fight more effectively. People who use these kinds of things usually get this kind of judgment. I want to quit smoking, what should I do, how do I get through this period. Let me smoke a hookah or buy an electronic cigarette a day helps me quit smoking. In a study with 700 diseases, they found that electronic cigarettes did not quit smoking. It doesn't help to quit smoking. In fact, electronic cigarettes teach people who have never smoked to smoke at the rate of 1 third in their market. In other words, smokers do not return and do not smoke, and some people who have never been involved in smoking use electronic cigarettes with a potential of 1 third out of curiosity, ”he said.

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