Ekol Logistics Turkey with Spain 60 Hours

turkey spain school hours logistics
turkey spain school hours logistics

Ekol Logistics, will perform a new intermodal services within the scope of Izmir Alsancak Port of Tarragona Port of Spain just 60 hours delivery via Ro-Ro lines linking between Turkey and Spain.

Speeding up transportation in the Mediterranean kazanWithin the scope of the new service, which will continue, flights from both directions will initially be once a week. Shipments collected from all over Turkey until Saturday evening can be delivered to all over Spain on Wednesday and Portugal on Friday. Loads collected from Portugal until Tuesday evening and from Spain until Wednesday evening will be distributed to all regions of Turkey on Monday.
Ekol this new line of Turkey and the Middle East through Spain, Portugal and Morocco combines the most efficient way.

Especially for large textile customers in Spain who stated that they launched a service quality will award Oscar Ekol Turkey Country Manager Arzu Akyol Ekiz "as well as to accelerate assurance in the delivery of our new line we will be giving a different experience to our customers as our quality service. '' He said.

Morocco, Portugal and Ekol, indicating that part of the service improvement plan to increase with the new line of connection between the Turkey-Spain in the Baltic countries Ekiz "Ekol Spain in Europe; Turkey Ekol is in a central location for shipments to the Middle East. Our transit time between Izmir Alsancak and Spain Tarragona Port is 60 hours. We deliver 96 hours to Spain and 144 hours to Portugal and Morocco. We also provide a multimodal solution in this service that allows intermodal transportation from Spain to Europe, just like Ekol's current intermodal operations in Trieste (Italy) and Sete (France). In the coming days, we will continue to expand our network to provide quality and uninterrupted service to more countries. " said.

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