Izmir Heritage of the World on the Way of UNESCO

Izmir heritage of the world is on the way to unesco
Izmir heritage of the world is on the way to unesco

Preparations are underway to include the historical Izmir, Birgi, Gediz Delta and Foça, Çandarlı and Çeşme castles, which are on the temporary list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, on the permanent list. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said, "We are working devotedly with all stakeholders in Izmir, especially the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in order to crown Izmir with the UNESCO World Heritage category."

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which set out with the goal of making Izmir a world city, continues its works on its areas on the UNESCO World Heritage temporary list. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer gave information about the works and said, “İzmir is an important geography on a world scale with its cultural and natural values. "We work devotedly with all stakeholders in Izmir, especially the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in order to crown Izmir with the UNESCO World Heritage category."

We will increase the brand value of İzmir

Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized the importance of the Izmir Heritage studies of the world on the way to UNESCO and said: “With our Izmir Heritage works of the world, we both increase the number of UNESCO sites in the city and ensure the relationship of these areas with each other, with a sustainable tourism understanding, the brand value of Izmir and the tourists coming to Izmir. We aim to increase the number. This program also constitutes an important pillar of Izmir's new tourism promotion strategy, which we have prepared together with the Izmir Foundation and Izmir Development Agency. "

There are many areas in İzmir that meet the UNESCO World Heritage criteria. As a result of the works carried out with different stakeholders in the city, the historical Izmir, Birgi, Gediz Delta and Foça, Çandarlı and Çeşme castles, which are part of the Genoese trade route, are expected to be included in the permanent list. Field management studies continue for Ephesus and Bergama, which are on the permanent list.


Ephesus, located in the Selçuk district of Izmir; Ephesus Ruins, House of Virgin Mary, Ayasuluk Hill and St. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List with a total of four components: Jean Basilica and Çukuriçi Höyük. One of Turkey's biggest open-air museum with the title of Ephesus, visiting the ancient city of millions of people every year. In Ephesus, there is the Great Theater, the largest open air theater of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and the Celsus Library, which is also defined as an important architectural value. Efes is also part of the Küçük Menderes Delta wetland.

Bergama Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape Area

Bergama is another cultural heritage site in Izmir that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Pergamon Acropolis, with its library building, was an important education center in the ancient world and the administrative center of the Kingdom of Pergamon. The acropolis is also home to the steepest ancient theater and the first psychiatric hospital, the Asklepion Health Center and Sanctuary.

Historical Port City

The region, which is named as historical Izmir today and which gives Izmir the feature of being an ancient port city, starts from Konak Pier, which was built as an entrance gate to this port city in the 19th century, and extends to Kadifekale. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List with the title of Historical Port City, this area features prominent symbols of Izmir such as Konak Square and the Clock Tower; It also hosts one of the oldest and largest open-air shopping centers in the world, with Kemeraltı Bazaar, which expanded over time as the inner harbor filled.


Birgi, affiliated to Ödemiş, is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. Birgi is located in a lush geography that preserves its traditional architectural texture with its high stone houses and wooden windows. With its history dating back 5 thousand years, Birgi features mansions from the past to the present, as well as tombs, mosques and baths.

Foça, Çandarlı and Çeşme Castles

Much to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Genoese fortress walls Settlements in Commercial Road heading from Turkey together with different points located in Foca, Cesme Çandarlı and castles, the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

Gediz Delta

Located next to Izmir, Gediz Delta is the best indication that one can live in a modern city without breaking away from nature. Izmir as a great metropolis, which is home to hundreds of birds and species, is home to Turkey's largest coastal wetlands in the Gediz Delta. Salt production in Turkey delta satisfies approximately one third, but also the production of farmers and fishermen Izmir. Gediz Delta is one of the rare wetlands of international importance that offer a living environment to thousands of living creatures thanks to the different habitats it hosts. Last year, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made an official candidacy application for Gediz Delta, which is an Important Nature Area and Important Bird Area on a world scale, to be included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.

UNESCO World Heritage

There are 1972 heritage sites declared as a World Heritage Site in the World Heritage List created according to the 1.121 Convention on the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and determined by the World Heritage Committee. Of these, 869 cultural, 213 natural and 39 mixed (natural and cultural) Turkey's cultural heritage sites in this list of 16, 2 of them has 18 heritage sites including mixed.

Izmir also continues to work on UNESCO's two networks between cities. Included in the UNESCO Learning Cities Global Network with the work of the Vocational Factory, İzmir continues its preparations to apply to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of design.

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