The Land of Yunuseli Airport Will Not Be Withdrawn To Anyone

Dolphin airport area will not give up to anyone
Dolphin airport area will not give up to anyone

Stating that the ownership of the 1430-decare area where Yunuseli Airport is located belongs to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the claims that the land will be given to someone do not reflect the truth and said that the most correct and necessary project for Bursa will be applied to the region.

The ordinary meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council took place in February. In the meeting held under the management of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, the issues that occupy the public opinion as well as the agenda items were evaluated.

"The land is the state, the claims are unfounded"

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş made statements about Yunuseli Airport in his speech at the council meeting. Emphasizing that the authority in the 1430-decare area in the center of the city is not their own, but the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Mayor Aktaş explained that the most necessary and correct project for the people will be implemented in the region. Stating that the allegations that the area is owned by the Metropolitan Municipality and which are frequently discussed in the public are unfounded, Mayor Aktaş said, “The entire land belongs to the treasury. Treasury is National Real Estate. National Real Estate is also a unit belonging to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Therefore, the entire 1430-acre area belongs to the ministry. It is not under our property, ”he said.

The most correct project will be implemented

President Alinur Aktaş stated that the allegations that the Yunuseli land would be presented to someone, were again completely unfounded. Stating that the most necessary investment will be made in the airport area in line with the interests of the city, Mayor Aktaş stated that he wishes the project, which has not yet been clarified, to be owned by the people of Bursa. Mayor Aktaş said, “The people who make the allegations belong to this city as much as I do. I bear the responsibility of 3 million 100 thousand population. I am the mayor of this city. Of course, you will criticize, but it is not ethical to portray the profiles and scenarios that someone draws in their minds as if we had told them. It is said 'Peshkesh is being pulled'. This is the state's property. To whom does the state offer? Could such a thing be possible? The same state has made a garden of the nation, it is as big as the world ”.

At the council meeting, Chairman Aktaş gave the 'citizen of the month plaque' to Refik Atmaca, who built a 41-step staircase for his 131-year-old wife and built a cable car. The altruistic spouse Atmaca attended the plaque presentation with her husband Pink Atmaca.

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