Job Opportunities Will Increase With Digitalization

Job opportunities will increase with digitalization
Job opportunities will increase with digitalization

Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı pointed out that, contrary to the general perception in society, employment opportunities will increase with robots and digitalization.

Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı emphasized that there is a general perception that robots and digitalization will lead to unemployment in the society, on the contrary, there will be more job opportunities with digitalization.


Drawing attention to the fact that humanity is still at the beginning of technology, Dr. Halıcı pointed out that with the increasing technological developments, the demand and need for technical employees who work with mental power will increase.

Dr. Halıcı continued his words as follows:

“In the past there were people working with diggers and shovels. Today we often see digging shovels working either in a very specific job or in amateur excavations. It was replaced by heavy construction equipment and people using them. Similarly, it will be the same in technology. For example; While analyzing big data, reaching useful information from large-scale data, in the business of mining information, developing artificial intelligence, etc. to those who develop the sensor structure. we need a large number of employees. Because we are just at the beginning of technology. Technology is just getting started in my opinion. There will be a non-crash plane, an automobile that did not crash or crash, a house that was not destroyed in an earthquake, and operations without a knife. This means the need for additional employment. For example, when we say cars that do not collide, sensors are placed in cars. Communicating these with satellites and at the same time making roads with sensors so that they work autonomously, they communicate and communicate with those sensors. For these, it is always necessary to develop technology, new jobs and therefore create a new workforce. "


Dr. Halıcı said that with the new industrial revolution, there will be a transition from physical work to mental work, thus reducing costs in many items from workforce to energy and this will reflect on the consumer / end user.

Stating that working hours will shorten and shifts will increase in this direction, Dr. Halıcı added that the 3-shift working system will increase to 6 shifts with mental work.

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