Derince Tunnel Cleaned

deeply cleared tunnel
deeply cleared tunnel

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality turns the curfew restriction on the weekend into an opportunity. In this context, D-100 Highway Derince Tunnel was cleaned by the teams of the Department of Parks and Gardens.


Cleaning works in the tunnels in Kocaeli are carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The teams turned the curfew restriction applied at the weekend into an opportunity to clean the pollution that came with the tires and caused by exhaust fumes in the passages of the vehicles in the tunnels. The tunnel was closed to double-sided vehicle traffic in the weekend restriction when the vehicle traffic was low.


Parks and Gardens Department teams set up a special team for tunnel cleaning. 2 personnel cleaned inside the tunnel, including 2 water sprinklers, 1 broom vehicles, and a crane with a basket. The teams cleaned the roads and walls of the vehicles in the tunnels, which consisted of exhaust fumes and came with the tires.

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