Covid-19 Vaccination Studies Need To Accelerate

Covid vaccination efforts need to gain speed
Covid vaccination efforts need to gain speed

Covidien-19 pandemics of Turkey and the resulting impact on world health sector forecasts for 2021 and EY (Ernst & Young) organized online by Turkey's Health SohbetIt was evaluated together with the industry leader in the Advanced Meeting.

International consulting and auditing company EY (Ernst & Young), the fifth organized by Turkey's Health Sohbets Meeting, Turkey once again brought together the most prominent leader of the health sector. Nearly 20 senior executives representing local and international healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical technology institutions attended the meeting held online. Covidien-19 pandemics of Turkey and their impact on global health sector in the year 2021 in conjunction with the meeting of the projections; Current issues such as the latest situation in the epidemic, vaccination studies, tele-health services, new business models in the health sector, supply chains, the latest health technologies and investment activities were discussed.

There will be a wave of vaccine demand in the next 100 days

At the meeting, where the effects of the political developments in the USA on the health sector, especially in the fields of biotechnology, medicine and medical devices, and vaccination studies were evaluated; It was stated that there was a leadership gap in the management and control of Covid-19 in the US health sector. It was emphasized that as a result of this, there was an increase in new cases and irregularities in vaccine distribution. However, it was stated that the new team established by the US President John Biden to control the pandemic could support positive results. On the other hand, due to the demand of the materials consumed during the vaccination process, II. When the Defense Production Law, which entered into force after the World War II, comes back to the agenda in the USA, it is predicted that the country will encourage production from local brands, especially for medical devices. While it is stated that the impact of the law in the world is still uncertain, it is expected that there will be a wave of vaccine demand in the next 100 days with the commitment to make 100 million vaccines.

Capital investments and M & As may increase in the second half of the year

If the planned vaccination schedule in the USA continues without interruption, it is thought that an economic recovery can be seen in the country in the second half of the year starting from May-June. In line with the expectation that there will be no change in the policies of the Federal Reserve in the short term, it is predicted that health sector investors and managers will increase capital investments, business mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions from the second half of 2021. However, it is stated that the approval of 2020 new molecules by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 53 indicates that innovative inventions will continue, especially in biotechnology.

It may take years to vaccinate everyone if the vaccination process is not accelerated.

Underlining that vaccination is progressing at different speeds across the world and this situation creates uncertainty in the short term, EY USA Company Partner and USA, Canada and Latin America Health and Life Sciences Markets Leader Arda Ural said: “Some countries such as Canada and the UK have two or three populations. provided enough vaccine to cover the floor. However, these countries will not be enough to protect their citizens individually under the conditions of the global pandemic. Once international trade and travel begins, this inequality will not prevent local epidemics from ending. As of January, 51 million doses of vaccine have been distributed in 54 countries. Even in the USA, 1 million people can be vaccinated a day. It will take years to vaccinate everyone in the world at the current pace and achieve herd immunity. Therefore, it is necessary to go much differently in terms of speed. Countries that cannot provide enough vaccines will also need to reach the same supply levels. The question arises whether countries that have purchased more vaccines than their population can donate excess vaccines after their vaccination is over. Authorities do not expect this, because there is no scientific information yet on the frequency and timing of the next vaccines. For this reason, it is thought that countries with excess vaccines will keep their vaccine reserves. There are many unknowns at this stage. Especially the rapid prevalence of new mutations originating from South Africa and Brazil is an important reason for increasing the vaccination rate. "

New job opportunities will arise in the health sector

EY Turkey Health & Life Sciences Industry Leader, EY Central, Southern and Eastern Europe Health Sector Senior Consultant T. Ufuk Eren, "data US Department of Labor, the potential will be in terms of job opportunities in the years 2019-2029 indicates that issues related to the health of the half. The new important business areas to be formed; We see that it is related to healthcare fields such as home health care and nursing, medical assistantship and health management. EY as in Turkey in this context we are also in health leadership and governance, health information systems, health financing, health is following developments in areas such as human resources and health tourism; We make use of the opportunities in these areas in a way that will benefit both society and our institutions. Digitalization in healthcare has been a rising trend in 2020. With Covid-19, digital monitoring systems emerged and there was a significant increase in digital health investments. The highest digital health investment was realized as 2018 billion dollars in 8,1. At the end of the 2020rd quarter in the last 3, this figure broke a record with 9,4 billion dollars. The most important effect of this was that the solutions created due to the pandemic and the pandemic turned into investments. Another important issue is the introduction of tele-health into our lives. Tele-health solutions will continue to spread as they become more useful for patients and doctors and as more suitable platforms emerge. Health began to become democratized with digitalization. Companies have begun to produce location-independent solutions from fitness monitors to microbiome tests at home, ”he said.

Nationalization of data and adaptation process of companies gain importance in the sector agenda

EY Turkey Partner, Health & Life Sciences Industry Leader Av. With right-ahmet, "the hospital in 2020 for going along with the pandemic of chronic diseases Turkey decreased inevitably was a contraction in the private hospital market in question. On the other hand, we see that there is still a growth in the pharmaceutical industry despite the shrinkage on the basis of box volume. When we look at developments in the digitization and protection of personal data in the sector, we observe that the field Turkey in the work quickly continued. As a result of the acceleration of digitalization and especially the dynamic structure and opportunities in the health sector attracting the attention of technology companies, the interest in the pharmaceutical and health sector companies in the sense of M&A will increase as of the second half of 2021. On the other hand, there was a serious decline in health tourism at the beginning of 2020, but the Ministry of Health has some investments and targets in this regard. After 2021, as vaccination intensifies, health tourism will gain importance locally again. The Ministry of Health targets 2023 million tourists and 1,5 billion dollars revenue in 10. We think that this goal regarding health tourism will be achieved. nationalization or localization of the data of the data in Turkey and companies are gaining importance in the health sector agenda of the harmonization process in this regard. The year 2021 will be a year in which the new normal will affect the health sector, the players in the health sector will change and the market will be shaped according to the new normal. We think that 2021 will be a very dynamic year in terms of both acquisitions and organizational and logistical restructuring in the health sector ”.

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