Symptomatic Treatment is Important in the Treatment of Covid 19

Symptomatic treatment is important in the treatment of covid
Symptomatic treatment is important in the treatment of covid

Emphasizing that symptomatic treatments are very important for the correct management of time against coronavirus, the Chairman of the Board of Emergency Medicine Specialists Association (EPAT). Dr. Başar Cander, "People can lose their normal life patterns due to constant coughing, which can cause both insomnia and a decrease in body resistance." said.

Cander emphasized that controlling and treating this condition as early as possible is critical for the course of the disease.

Emergency Medicine Physicians Association (EPAT) Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Başar Cander made important statements regarding the treatment of cough in coronavirus patients.

Noting that dry cough is one of the most important symptoms of coronavirus disease from the first day. Dr. Başar Cander stated that they see dry and frequent coughs in viral infections and drew attention to the effects of coughs.

Our most important defense mechanism against coronavirus is our body resistance

Underlining that the most important point in the course of the disease of coronavirus cases is body resistance. Dr. Başar Cander said, “It is very important that the body resistance against coronavirus is strong. Because you may have been exposed to the virus in some way without even realizing it. In order for your body to defeat that virus, the body defense mechanism must be strong. One of the things that will provide a strong body system is a regular life, sleep patterns, healthy diet and exercise. " He spoke in the form.

Stating that the patients with chronic and serious diseases (heart and kidney diseases, etc.) have weak body resistance, it is difficult to win this war. Dr. Başar Cander said, “The body resistance of someone who coughs in the evening and whose sleep pattern is disrupted may decrease. Cough occurs frequently at night and if you cannot control it, this creates huge problems in viral diseases such as coronavirus. If you have experienced serious ailments, you need to take this under control with treatment before your body resistance decreases. said.

Reminding that coronavirus is a disease transmitted by droplet infection through the mouth and nose. Dr. Başar Cander, "If someone who is positive coughs the virus in your face or from a distance, it can increase your exposure to the virus." He spoke in the form.

Stating that controlling cough in coronavirus patients is an important treatment method, Prof. Dr. Başar Cander said, “In general, the onset of symptoms in coronavirus may differ. We may be faced with many other symptoms. In coronavirus, unlike other viruses, we may encounter differences regarding loss of smell and taste. Following the febrile period, we see that the cough occurs within 1-2 days. We witness that the cough becomes more pronounced and increases gradually. Most of the time, our patients get better and other problems brought about by the disease are completely cured. Even if most of the disease is over, the cough can continue for longer. Because cough can be a late recovery mechanism. As far as we have observed from our environment, patients express cough as a very disturbing symptom during the coronavirus process. "

Noting that when a patient comes with a cough complaint, they can go on the symptoms in many different ways under normal conditions, but symptomatic treatment is more decisive in diseases such as coronavirus. Dr. Başar Cander, "For this purpose, we take the cough under control with treatments that will suppress the cough reflex." found in the description.

The course of the coronavirus can be aggravated in those with chronic diseases

Stating that if cough cannot be treated sufficiently during the coronavirus process, the patient may experience a decrease in effort capacity. Dr. Başar Cander, "If there is a chronic disease such as asthma, the course of the patients may get worse." he spoke.

Emphasizing that symptomatic treatments are very important for the correct management of time in the face of coronavirus. Dr. Başar Cander said, “People can lose their normal life patterns due to constant coughing. This can cause both insomnia and a decrease in body resistance. It is critical to treat and control symptoms as early as possible. On the other hand, it is not possible for us to completely separate coronavirus and flu infection from each other. Additional symptoms, course of the disease, and current charts can help us distinguish the two. Since the coronavirus also starts as an upper respiratory tract infection, we cannot separate it from flu infections too much. We do not expect a cough with phlegm in coronavirus, it is more in the form of a cut and dry cough. " he spoke.

Stating that if someone has a coronavirus around the person and there is an accompanying loss of taste and smell, they think it is a coronavirus. Dr. Başar Cander said, “People who have previously had problems with lung disease (such as asthma, COPD) should pay more attention to coronavirus. In the following years, we will be able to see more clearly the effects of coronavirus on the lungs of patients who have suffered this disease. However, as far as we can see, it can cause some problems such as some enlargement in the lungs, in other words, a decrease in the elasticity of the lung. In this way, permanent effects can be seen in coronavirus patients. " he finished his words.

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