We Want The Covid-19 Pandemic Not To Be Called As Cancer-21

We want the covid pandemic not to be called cancer
We want the covid pandemic not to be called cancer

Within the framework of World Cancer Day February 4, Janssen operating in Turkey for 22 years, Turkey's General Manager Russ Demeter, and the work they perform for cancer patients during the pandemic, the company has transferred the patient-centered approach.

Russ stated that they continue their awareness studies so that 2021 does not become a turning point due to the increase in cancer cases.

135-year long history, in more than 150 countries, 42 thousand employees and 25 R & D centers, the world's largest healthcare manufacturer Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company Janssen, 22 years Oncology & Hematology in Turkey, immunology, central nervous system and It operates in the fields of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Janssen Turkey General Manager Russ Demeter, spoke about the work they put into practice within the scope of World Cancer Day February 4.

Each individual as Janssen Turkey, what each day will be spent with loved ones so valuable that they know very well representing Demeter, Russ, patients in oncology and hematology treatment in Turkey said they are focused on bringing to health. Russ continued his statements as follows: “Unfortunately, cancer is a rapidly increasing disease. According to GLOBOCAN data, 18 million people in the world are diagnosed with cancer every year. Looking at the World Health Organization 2018 data, Turkey in every thousand women from 100 to 183 per 100 thousand males from 259 to cancer diagnosis is put. In Turkey in 2020, approximately 230 thousand new cancer cases in the state have been identified. Considering that pandemic conditions have prevailed since the beginning of 2020, and based on the low early diagnosis rates in this period, we can say that this number is actually much higher.

"We do not want 2021 to be a turning point due to the increase in cancer cases"

Demet Russ emphasized that individuals with chronic diseases, especially cancer patients, have to interrupt their treatment because they are afraid of going to hospitals and that the pandemic is a very important obstacle in making early diagnosis. The experts, after the pandemic of cancer cases will increase in parallel with the predictions for Janssen to be a part of the solution, and said that Turkey tries to create awareness Russ; "We say 'COVID-2021 should not turn into Cancer-19' so that 21 does not become a turning point due to the increase in cases in cancer disease, and we continue our awareness-raising efforts with this approach." said.

Janssen Turkey to cancer patients and their caregivers and adds value

Janssen Turkey, patients will continue to work in cooperation with health professionals smoothly as possible in order to survive this difficult period. With its patient-oriented approach, the company has become one of the companies that contributes to the non-interruption of treatment of oncology patients and to deliver them to hospitals with sterile vehicles by supporting the Onko-Van project of the Cancer and Patient Rights Platform, which is formed by 6 associations working in the field of cancer and a patient rights association.

Patient and Patient Relatives Rights Association (HAYAD) "Living with Chronic Diseases in a Pandemic" YouTube Janssen also providing support to the awareness project, Turkey has helped them find answers to the questions of individuals living with chronic diseases.

Since 2009, approximately $ 52 million invested in clinical studies found Janssen Turkey, planned activities, including 47 clinical studies conducted by carrying out most activities in Turkey is among the top five pharmaceutical company. All treatment areas, more than 200 central participated in clinical trials also owns Janssen Turkey, treatment areas, science with people and with health professionals by establishing well-established business associations, continues to work with a holistic perspective to realize the healthy living dream of the patients.

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