Skiing and Snowboarding Excitement of Children in Uludağ

Ski and snowboard excitement for children in uludag
Ski and snowboard excitement for children in uludag

📩 01/02/2021 17:16

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the 'Ski-Snowboard camps' organized by the Metropolitan Belediyespor Club in Uludağ and met with the students who spent the semester break by doing activities.

Bursa Metropolitan Club 23 January - 12 February of the most important winter tourism center of Turkey is organizing camps in Uludag Ski-Snowboard. The camps, where ski lovers between the ages of 7-16 can register, are held in 5 terms. While 30 students participate in the trainings in each semester, young people are enabled to spend their time better by paying attention to masks, distance and cleaning boards accompanied by expert trainers.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, together with Bursa Deputy Emine Yavuz Gözgeç and the managers of the Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club, visited the students who attended the Ski-Snowboard camps in Uludağ. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş, who received information about the trainings, also shared with the young people who spent the semester in the camp. sohbet He.

Investments in sports and athletes will continue

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş stated that they said 'Belediyespor will touch houses, children and young people' at the beginning of the term and they mobilized all the means to integrate them with at least one sports branch. Reminding that ski and snowboard camps have started on January 23 with the semester break, Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “We are organizing the second of the planned 5 camps. In the camps with 4 nights and 5 days accommodation, children between the ages of 7-16 receive 4 hours of basic and advanced branch training per day. Since we are in the pandemic period, trainings are given under the supervision of our teachers by preserving the health of our children. Our trainings are held for 30 people each semester. During the training, all kinds of equipment and technical support are provided by the Metropolitan Municipality ”.

Stating that children spend the pandemic process intensively at the computer, ski and snowboard camps are important tools for socializing, Mayor Aktaş said, “It was beneficial for them to rest mentally and mentally. With the transition of the pandemic process, there will be surprising developments in skiing and other sports branches. We want all our children in Bursa to engage in at least one sports branch. There has been serious interest in skiing in recent years. We will have moves to open this up to more masses. On behalf of our youth, I would like to thank Büyükşehir Belediyespor Club for organizing the event, ”he said.

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