9 Effective Suggestions Against Technology Addiction Of Children

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ottoman facility put into service for adrenaline enthusiasts

"He's not leaving the computer all day!", "He's a complete tablet addict!", "He's not getting a mobile phone!" During the Covid-19 pandemic process, almost every parent's common complaint was the technology addiction in their children.

Their children who have been in front of the computer for hours due to online education for months; Parents who cannot distinguish from digital games after the lesson or even during the lessons experience the same complaints during the semester! Specialist Psychologist Sena Sivri from Acıbadem Fulya Hospital said: “Tablets and computers that we tried to keep away from children until a year ago have become a part of their education. At the same time, the lack of activities to do during the stay at home has greatly increased the time children spend at the tablet. One of the researches done; It shows that the time spent by children in front of the tablet increased 500 percent. This is at the top of the list of issues that parents are most uncomfortable with and difficult to find solutions to. " says. Emphasizing that it is possible to keep children away from digital games and find healthy activities during the semester break, Expert Psychologist Sena Sivri made important warnings and suggestions against technology addiction.

Set an example as a parent

It's important to remember that children learn many behaviors by modeling their parents. If the child we want to read a book does not see us reading a book, it is very difficult for him to develop this habit. Likewise, in order to keep them away from tablet use, parents should reduce the use of tablets and phones outside of work in front of their children.

Create screen off hours

Screen off hours can be set up as a family. These should be especially at times such as meal times and game hours spent together. It should be ensured that digitals such as televisions, tablets, computers and phones do not work in the background.

Edit the time of use

It is important to plan the time children spend in front of the tablet / computer. While doing this planning, it is necessary to exclude online training time. During the semester break, reduce it to very little and replace it with other activities.

Share your child's interests

It is important for parents to have information about the programs, videos, and games that children watch while using tablets, both for their development and for their safety. Share your child's interests and exchange views. Parents accompanying the things they watch occasionally and talking about them during tablet use hours of children will support their development.

Remember the "3-6-9-12 rule"!

Expert Psychologist Sena Sivri said, “Research shows that children aged 0-3 almost nothing from the screens. kazanIt shows that children aged 3-6 can learn and benefit by watching exercises such as colors and reinforcements. It is known that they should not go online by themselves before the age of 9 and should not use social media before the age of 12. These rules should be taken into account when planning children's relationship with digital.” says.

Produce activities for children at home

It is necessary to give children tasks that they can complete at home and to produce games. In this process, the areas, games and actions (puzzles, play-like aids in household chores, game corners, tools, etc.) that parents will create in the home for children who run to the tablet and the computer will keep the children away from the tablet.

Guide to the hobby

Observe your child well and help him or her develop hobbies according to their skill areas or activities you think will make them happy. It will be useful to direct your child to a hobby that interests him or to contribute to learning a foreign language in order to reduce the time spent with tablet and computer.

Create indoor sports activities

Children need to be able to release their physical energy. The process they are closed at home creates a serious obstacle to this. Therefore, parents can encourage their children to do sports at home and accompany them.

Spend time together but productively

Expert Psychologist Sena Sivri “The most important thing is to spend productive time with children. When kids have nothing to do or are left alone, they tend to go digital more. For this reason, parents who regularly take time out and spend time with their children without taking care of anything else will both support their children's emotional development and keep them away from digital addiction. " says.

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