Clubhouse New Generation Radio?

Clubhouse is the new generation radio
Clubhouse is the new generation radio

Communication writer Barış Karaoğlan examined the most popular application of recent days, Clubhouse, and wrote about its situation in our country and its similarities with radio. When we look at usage habits, we can clearly say how quickly the Turkish user adapts. We as a society sohbet We are people who love to practice and enjoy it. That's why we spend long hours at the dinner table. Eight or ten hours sitting at the dinner table, then tea sohbetWe are the children of a society that says "We were going to cut more watermelons" to the guest who would continue to work, refresh the tea and get up.

Everyone Missed To Talk

The only additional activity other than reading-watching the shares of the accounts followed in the majority of the time spent on Social Media and similar applications can be the comment written under those posts. If you're not writing a comment, you're just watching. Or, we all know that there is a heavy correspondence traffic in messaging applications. So we forgot to actually talk rather than correspond. This is exactly why users are so satisfied with the Clubhouse application, the speech we forgot and sohbet a reminder of our feeling of letting go. Also, hearing the words we utter by people who do not know us at all or listening to the comments of someone we do not know, live. sohbetProviding the opportunity to participate in the application made the application a peak.

Those Who Don't Speak Are Listening

There is also an alternative for those who do not want to talk in the Clubhouse application. sohbet By entering his room, you can only listen to what is spoken there. There is a usage called "neighborhood gossip", it is well established in our knowledge, by staying in the position of listener to gossip in a way that gives the right to that use, sohbetYou can listen to s. If you don't have anything to talk about already, it's best to listen.

Thus, let's emphasize that speaking is a feature that goes beyond just being a talent, because it differs in itself in speaking; The list goes on, such as talking idly, talking a lot, speaking effectively, speaking nicely, speaking instructively, speaking carefully, and speaking educationally.

In other words, if you are talking blankly, you will not find an audience and you may miss the audience when you talk too much. If you can speak effectively but cannot speak carefully, the situation may not be different. The best way to do the job, of course, is to speak beautifully and effectively. That's when we can talk about situations other than talent. The Clubhouse can become a serious platform in this sense, and will progress in direct proportion to the ability of the speakers to keep the audience in the room (this can be comedy or entertainment content).

Is Clubhouse the new and different entertainment of the evening hours a new generation radio?

As we go back to the most popular era of radios, we all know that a well-spoken radio host's program was watched for hours. Sometimes, guests were taken to the program with telephone connections, although not many, it is done from time to time today. Clubhouse sohbet odalarıSimilar situations are experienced in the sohbetYou can participate by raising a hand (expressed in this way in the application), not by phone connection.

Radio has always been somehow popular. We listened in the car, came across in a waiting room, overheard on the ferry trip. The common feature of all of them is that there is a speaker and the music announced by him is listened to. It can be mentioned that the Clubhouse application can replace the new generation radio in today's world. This is not exactly about radio, when we look at the periods of the spread of communication tools, we see that we sit around a radio in the evenings and listen to radio theaters, in time, television replaced radio, then the Internet, then social media. sohbet and sharing applications, now Clubhouse, which is a platform that we can call a different version of the radio.

Humanity has always kept itself busy with similar things, and when viewed from that window, we can say that it is the new and different entertainment of the evening hours. When it comes to entertainment, there is no wrong perception, learning can sometimes mean having fun, because one can learn while having fun and have fun while learning.

Even comparing it with the radio in the coming days this and similar sohbet odalarıWe can witness the formation of. So a sohbet sharing in the name of music and related sohbetWe can see that there are.

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