China Resets the Number of Covid-19 Cases

gin covid reset number of cases
gin covid reset number of cases

In the statement made by the Chinese National Health Commission, it was reported that 24 new Covid-12 cases were detected across the country in the last 19 hours, and all cases came from abroad. Thus, no locally sourced cases have been detected in mainland China for five consecutive days. Treatment continues for 12 Covid-820 patients, 19 of whom are in severe condition in the main part of China.

China, which has experienced an intense vaccination and testing process to control the mobility to be experienced during the spring holiday and new cases seen before, has also taken serious measures to prevent the spread of the disease. The government, which asked citizens not to travel unless it is mandatory, also decided to request the Covid-19 negative test from travelers. These studies have yielded results, and there have been no domestic cases in mainland China for 5 days.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, a total of 89 cases have been detected in China, and the number of people discharged after their treatment has reached 748. The total loss of life remained at 84 thousand 292.

The statement also reported that 8 more asymptomatic cases were detected. A total of 487 asymptomatic cases are under medical supervision. On the other hand, the total number of cases in Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions and the Taiwan region increased to 11.

Source: China International Radio

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