China Grants Vaccines to 53 Countries, Exported Vaccines to 22 Countries

Jin helped the country rebel and exported the rebel to the country
Jin helped the country rebel and exported the rebel to the country

In the statement made by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that China helped 53 developing countries with the Covid-19 vaccine and exported vaccines to 22 countries.

China Ministry of Foreign Affairs SözcüWang Wenbin stated at the daily press conference that the first batches of Covid-19 vaccines donated by China reached Pakistan, Cambodia and Laos, and that the first batch of vaccine will be sent to Equatorial Guinea tomorrow. Stating that China will continue to send vaccines to different countries in the coming days. sözcüHe expressed that the relevant countries express their gratitude to China.

Wang stated that China supports domestic companies to cooperate with partners in different countries in vaccine development efforts, as well as encouraging relevant companies to export vaccines to countries that urgently need the vaccine and approve Chinese vaccines.

SözcüHe also expressed that China supports vaccine companies from different countries in continuing the manufacturing processes of their semi-finished vaccines in China and offering them to other countries. Chinese sözcü"China will continue to cooperate with the relevant countries, provide support and assistance to these countries as much as possible, and continue to make concrete contributions to achieve victory as soon as possible against the epidemic and to create a health partnership for humanity," he said.

Source: China International Radio

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