Groundbreaking of Çiğli Tram Line

The foundation of the cigli tram line was laid
The foundation of the cigli tram line was laid

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will realize with an investment of 414 million TL Karşıyaka- The foundation of the Çiğli Tram line was laid with a ceremony attended by CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Kılıçdaroğlu listed the formula for the success of the CHP municipalities as follows: “Very simple. You will make the tenders transparent and give them to those who are entitled, you will not waste. You will account for every penny you spend. " Kılıçdaroğlu pointed out that a table is where all the longing in Izmir, Turkey, Buca İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the construction of underground also gave the good news go to tender on 15 February.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality added another link to its rail system investments. The foundation of the 11-kilometer Çiğli Tram line, which will breathe the traffic of Çiğli and facilitate access to hospitals, universities and industry in this region, was laid with a ceremony attended by Republican People's Party (CHP) President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

Cigli Streetcar Worksite Speaking at a ceremony held at the CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, 'The end of the spring Seagull "he says and all of Turkey's democracy, peace and said they are determined to bring unity. Expressing that he is extremely happy to be a member of parliament of a modern city like İzmir, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “Before we came here, we visited our tradesmen who suffered from the flood disaster; we listened They have troubles. It is true that they suffered great damage, but our municipality and mayors are working well on this issue. Problem-damage determinations have been made in 2 thousand 554 households and workplaces. Financial and moral aid of 7 million 31 thousand liras will be made to our tradesmen. "This decision will be taken and implemented in the city council on Monday," he said.

We are determined and determined

Kılıçdaroğlu that expressed a table yearn for the whole of Turkey in Izmir, nobody's mother that to bed hungry has invested in peace to every child in bed at night, highlighting a Turkey they want, CHP mayors that this issue is earnest and resolute, the same commitment to Turkey they will spend life in general told.

Metro good news to Buca

Kılıçdaroğlu stated that they will cut the ribbon of Çiğli Tramway at the end of two years and that the 72% completed F.Altay-Narlıdere metro will be put into service in a short time and shared a pleasing development regarding the Buca metro. President Soyer, stating that the request of the gospel itself will tender announcement on 15 February for the Metro Kılıçdaroğlu, said: "Think of the Republic of Turkey and consider the treasure it. Think of the ministry that runs the treasury. They pay 5 and 6 percent interest when borrowing from international markets. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality borrowed 1 billion 70 million Euros with 3 percent. half the interest paid by the Republic of Turkey Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is able to borrow. This is our our municipalities in the international arena, better than the wealth of the Republic of Turkey in the eyes of the international financial institutions, is proving to be more reliable. This makes us proud. We will change the history of Turkey, we came to power together with our friends. Turkey Fund Assets international borrowing went 3 times. Although he wanted to pay 5-6 percent interest, nobody gave a loan. Our Izmir Metropolitan Mayor said, 'I will build the metro. I will contribute to the solution of İzmir's transportation problem ”. They agreed to borrow 1 billion 70 million euros with 3 percent interest. 4 years grace period. In good conditions. Will be paid in 12 years. Providing loans from the international market with a hundred percent lower interest than the interest paid by the treasury shows how strong the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is. Our municipality has a very high credibility in the international arena. An international tender will be announced for the Buca metro on 15 February. Tenders will be transparent as always. In our municipalities, there is no 'find your man, I will give the tender, you give us money'. In our municipalities, tenders are open to the public, everybody knows, everybody sees. Everybody in Turkey should know that. CHP municipalities are working perfectly, doing all the work. "

Turkey's new political understanding

Kılıçdaroğlu also mentioned that the obligation to employ newly graduated or unemployed engineers and architects from universities, which was included in the construction specifications of Çiğli Tramway, is a very important opportunity, and that every mayor should account for every penny spent, and that they want to implement this new understanding of politics in Turkey. told. Stating that they started this in CHP municipalities, Kılıçdaroğlu continued his speech as follows: “We want to solve the unemployment problem. everyone's production kazanWe miss Turkey. We are trying to build this Turkey starting from our municipalities. Think of a government that cannot distribute masks during the pandemic period. Our municipalities have sent millions of masks to places where our municipalities are not in their own regions when there is a demand, but those who live in the palace do not see this. Because we are among the people; We are from the People's Party, we work and produce for the people, there is no privilege in our book. Our mayors made history in this process. Everyone knows this very well. Masks were distributed to millions of people, and in-kind and cash aid was provided. Tablets were distributed to tens of thousands of students, and thousands of students were enabled to benefit from the internet. In the 21st century, there are still unified classes in Turkey. In the provinces where we have 11 Metropolitan Mayors, we aspired to build a school if the National Real Estate land was shown. I am making the same call from Izmir again. We will do. We do it because we account for every penny. We do politics for the people, not to turn the corner. We do not see politics as a means of enrichment. We are as different from them as black and white. We respect everyone's rights and laws. We want everyone to live in peace.”

Aids blocked

Pointing out that CHP municipalities were prevented from making aid to the public during the pandemic period, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “They could not tolerate and seized the money deposited in the municipal accounts. They didn't. Why? In order to fail the CHP municipalities. What happened? I told my mayor friends to fight the obstacle in their way. What did we do? With the pending bill, electricity, water and natural gas bills of tens of thousands of poor people were paid. We became a bridge between those who want to help and want to get help. We called on the government to make the minimum wage 3 lira. They made 100 thousand 2 liras. Even in our smallest municipality, the minimum wage is 825 thousand 3 TL ”.

Call on the government to "unblock"

Kılıçdaroğlu called on the government from İzmir not to cause difficulties for the mayors of the CHP and said, “Do not make any difficulties for our mayors. Don't get in the way. They are making their best efforts to legally serve the people. Power creates obstacles. He said, 'I will prevent them from serving. Under no circumstances can you prevent the CHP from providing services to citizens in its own town. You do not have the power or capacity to prevent this. We will. We will work and produce, ”he said.

Formula for success

Referring to the fact that the cash aid that Konak Municipality will provide to the coffee makers who are experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic has been prevented by the AK Party members in the parliament, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “I am calling out to the Chairman of the AK Party: On what grounds AK Party members opposed to making additional payments to coffee shops. Let them explain it to us and all the coffeemakers listen to it. They cannot tolerate our work. Why CHP municipalities are successful. Very simple. You will make the tenders transparent and give them to those who are entitled, you will not waste. You will account for every penny you spend. These political choices are leading the country to disaster. If it were not for the CHP municipalities, there would be much bigger events. CHP municipalities are helping millions of families in need, the poor, the poor and the tradesmen ”.

We created jobs for new graduates

Speaking at the ceremony, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they are together on a historical day for İzmir and stated that they are happy and proud to lay the foundation of Çiğli Tramway, which has been signed with an investment of 414 million 182 thousand TL, and that the line will provide the people of Çiğli with fast, alternative and comfortable public transportation. he pointed. Reminding that they brought the contractor firm to employ a new graduate engineer and architect by breaking new ground in the Çiğli Tramway tender, Soyer said, “Thanks to this exemplary practice, we have made an important contribution to our newly graduated young people stepping into their professional career. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will continue this practice in the following tenders ”.

Investments that protect the climate, nature and the environment

Emphasizing that they act with a sustainable transportation approach that protects the climate, nature and the environment by making transportation investments that reduce the carbon footprint in urban transportation, Soyer listed the investments they made for this purpose as follows: “With this vision, we are designing an affordable and comfortable transportation system for our municipality with an efficient operating cost. In just one and a half years, we bought 451 buses and two-car ferries. Last year we received 364 bus at one time the largest purchases for signature in Turkey we have appointed local government. We quickly provided a financing of 12 million Euros for Narlıdere Metro, which was 125 percent built when we took office. Even before the end of two years, we brought our work in this line to 72 percent with an extraordinary speed. Despite the difficult period we passed, we dug 11 kilometers underground tunnels and saw the light. Turkey is now the cheapest and the fastest advancing construction of 7,5 kilometer-long subway project Narlıdere Metro, opened the service by the end of 2022. Evka-3, Narlidere, we will make a seamless transport possible. "

4 kilometers of new metro and tram line in 18,5 years

Explaining that they will put the Çiğli Tramway into service for the citizens of Izmir in 100, when the 2023th anniversary of our Republic will be celebrated, Soyer said, “Thus, in the first four years of my tenure, we will include a total of 18,5 kilometers of new metro and tram lines into İzmir's rail system network. I also want to share the joy and pride of this with you. The route studies for our Karabağlar-Gaziemir Metro implementation project, which will be another phase of the metro network in İzmir, have been completed and the preliminary projects have been approved. This line, which will extend from Halkapınar to Adnan Menderes Airport, will follow the route Yenişehir, Basmane, Çankaya, Eşrefpaşa, Karabağlar and Gaziemir. This line, which will be the longest metro line of the city with 28 kilometers, will connect important business centers such as Sarnıç, ESBAŞ, Fuar İzmir, Kemeraltı and Gıda Çarşısı as well as dense residential areas. We said, 'We will knit İzmir with iron nets,' and we are proud to fulfill this promise we made to the people of İzmir one by one. "

Strong financial structure, international reliability

All these major transportation investments through equity, municipal solid financial structure, created in the international arena Soyer stressed that they perform due to their reliability, was finished by saying: "China-centric Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the first time a local government in Turkey, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the loans provided . All of these are indicators of the dignity and reputation of our municipality around the world and the trust in our city management. Despite the economic crisis deepened by the pandemic, the serious decrease in the revenues of our municipality, the crises such as the earthquake and the most recent flood, we continue all our investments with determination. We continue to fulfill the requirements of the social and democratic municipality understanding in Izmir and to solve the transportation need, which is one of the most basic expectations of our citizens, with great determination. We work endlessly, heartily and with love to increase the quality of life of our city by providing environmentally friendly, qualified, reliable, unimpeded, economical and comfortable public transportation to all parts of Izmir. I think the Çiğli Tramway, which we have laid the foundations of today, is an important milestone in achieving these goals. I would like to express our great joy that our Esteemed President has honored us on such a happy day for Izmir, and I express my gratitude to them. "

Thanks to President Soyer

Çiğli Mayor Utku Gümrükçü said, “Our President Kılıçdaroğlu, who brought spring to Anatolia by saying" the end of the seagull is spring ", came to Çiğli and brought the spring. Just as Mustafa Kemal and his friends covered the country with iron nets, our Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer and his friends will weave our Çiğli with iron nets. Without mentioning pandemic, fire, flood, earthquake, I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor and his bureaucrats who concluded this tender by making this tender under all these conditions ”.

Oğuzhan Çarmıklı, Member of the Board of Directors of Nurol İnşaat, said that they plan to complete the project in two years in a way that will make the public the least uncomfortable.

Following the speeches, the foundation of Çiğli Tram Line was laid. Nurol İnşaat General Manager Nurettin Akdeniz presented a plaque of appreciation to CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, as well as CHP Deputy Chairman Seyit Torun, Ali Öztunç, CHP Party Assembly Member and İzmir Deputy Devrim Barış Çelik, CHP Party Assembly members Umut Akdoğan, Rıfat Nalbantoğlu, CHP İzmir MPs, CHP Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel, district mayors and council members attended the meeting.

Line 11 kilometers, 14 stations

Planned to be completed within two years Karşıyaka Çiğli Tramway, which is the continuation of the tram, is 11 kilometers long and consists of 14 stations. Karşıyaka The line, which will start from Cevreyolu Station, will be connected to Çiğli İstasyonaltı Mahallesi with the connection bridge. Approximately 500 meters of connecting bridge will cross the ring road and there will be pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as the tram line on the bridge. Most of the route was planned as a double line, passing through the middle medians of the existing streets and roads. Line route Karşıyaka The Ring Road Station was planned to serve Ataşehir, Çiğli İstasyonaltı Mahallesi, Çiğli İzban Station, Çiğli Regional Training Hospital, Ata Industrial Zone, Katip Çelebi University and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. also Karşıyaka Ataşehir-Mavişehir İzban connection, which is about 1 kilometer long, which could not be made during the construction of the tram, due to ownership problems, will also be made within the framework of the construction of this line.
Tram line will increase to 33,6 kilometers

2017 kilometers in 8,8 KarşıyakaWith the introduction of the 2018 km Konak line in 12,8, tram became one of the most important elements of public transportation in İzmir. With the introduction of Çiğli Tramway, the length of the tram lines in İzmir will reach 33,6 kilometers.

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