Scientific Board Meeting Finished! When Does Normalization Begin?

science committee meeting is over when normalesme starts
science committee meeting is over when normalesme starts

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement at the press conference held after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee meeting.

In his speech, Koca explained that every country tries to take precautions in the fight against the pandemic in proportion to the means at its disposal and said, “We tried to use the facilities we have in the best way and showed that the epidemic is being fought well here, to people who have not even heard of our country's name. Fighting the epidemic well was undoubtedly with the effort and devotion of our nation, especially healthcare professionals. This struggle does not eliminate the pain we go through and the costs we may have paid, or maybe we will pay. We have hurt casualties. Once again in your presence, I wish God's mercy on our losses and my condolences to our nation ”.

"We have gained very important experiences in all aspects of the struggle"

Stating that they are making an effort to maintain life within rules that will not allow the circulation of the virus, Koca said:

“During this one-year struggle, we have gained very important experiences in every aspect of the struggle as 83 million. We have seen that the way to cope with the epidemic we are experiencing and another public health risk requires a social struggle rather than a medical one.

Our Scientific Committee has played an important role in the struggle in front of the stage so far. Our Social Sciences Board, on the other hand, has developed important strategies in the social and psychological management of the issue behind the scenes. We are now moving into a period that prioritizes the effects of the global epidemic on social life and normalization, 'Decision-making period'. "

"8 million doses of vaccine level has been reached"

Minister Koca stated that, within the scope of the plan prepared by the Scientific Committee, 1,5 million doses of vaccination has been reached in the vaccination studies so far, approximately 8 million of which are the second dose. We are among the most successful countries at the global level with the performance we have demonstrated in parallel with the vaccine supply ”.

"We have no supply and planning problems"

Health Minister Koca said, “We have achieved the fastest and most vaccination among the countries that provide the vaccine. However, in such a period when all countries experience significant problems and disruptions in the supply of vaccines, we have a long way to go compared to the population even though we have implemented the vaccination program at a high enough speed and systematically.

Pointing out that the demand for the vaccine provided is increasing, Koca said, “As you know, we broadcast our vaccination program instantly and live. The vaccination program is carried out fairly and transparently. From time to time, a decrease or increase in the number of vaccination is planned deliberately for purely logistical reasons. Vaccine supply may be interrupted at any time and the program may be interrupted. The only way to avoid this is by producing our own vaccine. As you know, we have made very important progress in this regard. As of today, I would like to clearly state that we do not have a procurement and planning problem. The second dose vaccine is safe for all our citizens who have the first dose of vaccine ”.

"Having the first dose of the vaccine should lead us to measure, not to rest."

Stating that he wanted to remind one more truth about the vaccine, Koca said, “The protection does not start the day we are vaccinated. The second dose is the vaccine, and we are vaccinated after 14 days. That is, 42 days after the first vaccination. In addition, we do not have the vaccine guarantee before vaccinating at least 60 percent of our entire population. "Having the first dose of the vaccine should lead us not to rest, but to measure."

"Our security forces will increase inspections for compliance with the rules"

Koca emphasized that they will declare the risk levels of the provinces as low, medium, high and very high risk according to the determined parameters, and gave the following information:

“According to these risk situations, I will present the work of our Scientific Committee on the freedom of activity of our different business lines to our Cabinet under the presidency of our President. Our President will also announce the cabinet decisions taken after the Cabinet Meeting, upon approval.

With the on-site decision period, our security forces will increase inspections for compliance with the rules. In the meeting we held with our Minister of Internal Affairs on this matter, they also expressed their determination. We will continue to work with all our might to preserve the health and well-being of our nation so that our country returns to its normal conditions as soon as possible. "

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