5 New Fiber Box Trucks Joined to BESAŞ Fleet

New fiber flatbed truck joins the besas fleet
New fiber flatbed truck joins the besas fleet

BESAŞ, an affiliate of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has brought together people of Bursa with healthy and economical bread for 42 years, added 5 new fiber box trucks to its service fleet in order to deliver the bread to consumers in the healthiest way possible.

BESAŞ, which is Turkey's third and Bursa's largest bread factory, brings together 70 million pieces of bread and dairy products obtained from approximately 4,5 million liters of milk purchased from farmers last year, and continues to renew itself in order not to compromise on service quality. BESAŞ, which went to renew its machinery park and installation infrastructure with an investment of approximately 3,5 million liras last year, has now included 5 new fiber box trucks in its service fleet in order to bring the bread produced to the consumer in the healthiest way possible. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who visited BESAŞ and examined the newly purchased vehicles, said that BESAŞ, which brings together the people of Bursa with healthy food with 42 years of experience, came to Bursa. kazanHe thanked everyone who contributed to its creation.

There is great satisfaction

Stating that BESAŞ has brought together nearly 200 basic food products such as bread and bakery products, milk and dairy products with Bursa residents since the day it was founded, President Aktaş said, “Our products are available at around 550 sales points in every corner of Bursa, including many districts. offered to our people. Of course, healthy planning, distribution and delivery of daily product shipment is one of our most important issues. At this point, all of our colleagues, especially the management level, have their labor and sweat. I witness that our people also have great satisfaction with BESAŞ. But we are also trying to renew ourselves. Today, we put into service 5 new fiber box trucks designed to transport hygienic bread that we purchased with our own resources. Our fellow citizens of Bursa can consume our products in peace and peace of mind ”.

Investments will continue

Stating that they have reached the final stages in their projects related to a radical change and transformation related to the bread factory and that they will soon share this with the public, Mayor Aktaş said, “Because no matter how fast we renew, we also stated that we are in a work related to renewal as a factory. We will share the details of this project with the public later. With these investments, we produced around 2020 million pieces of bread in 70. In addition, we bought 4,5 million liters of milk from our farmers through our Keles Dairy Facility, and we paid around 12 million TL in return. With our investments in 2020, our turnover increased by 29 percent compared to the previous year and reached around 130 million TL. In addition, in 2020, we brought together with our citizens more than 9 thousand organic einkorn bread made from nearly 50 tons of einkorn wheat grown with einkorn seeds distributed to our farmers in 250 districts in order to support rural development.

Reminding that the bread is 250 grams in general practice, and as BESAŞ, they distributed 400 grams of bread, Mayor Aktaş added that both farmer support projects and BESAŞ investments will continue uninterruptedly.

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