How Old Is Bedia Akartürk? Who is Bedia Akartürk? Where is Bedia Akartürk?

bedia akarturk
bedia akarturk

Bedia Akartürk was born on February 4, 1941 in Ödemiş, İzmir. Bedia Akartürk is the only child of the family. Since he was the only child of the family, he continued his father's surname as Akartürk without changing it and never changed his name.

Bedia Akartürk started her artistic life in Ödemiş, İzmir, where she was born and raised, and later started to work in İzmir Radio after growing her age.

Artist art and life have continued at the Ankara Radio is retired from Ankara Radio again, especially those artists that Turkey does not grant to anyone a wonderful concert at the Olympia in Paris period was represented in the best way.

Art lover in your life has been all six films and countless Turkey to Kars signatory to many albums and artists from 6 provinces of Edirne was awarded the title of Honorary Citizenship.

Bedia Akartürk has actively continued her album works and concerts in Turkey and abroad throughout her art life.

Izmir Odemis Bedia Akartürk Museum

All prizes by Turkey living legend Bedia Akartürk Museum was opened and Bedia Akartürk the museum have taken up to this time, wearing that stage clothes, pictures and regional clothes she had prepared with his own hands as a special you can see on babies.

You can visit Bedia Akartürk Museum and find a lot of information. Bedia Akartürk museum is in İzmir Ödemiş.


  • Over 250 plaques
  • Honorary Citizenship Award in 7 provinces
  • Gold lacing
  • 6 gold plaques
  • Golden Plate (given to "Zühtü" album)
  • Golden Crown (awarded for 10 years of uninterrupted work at Izmir Fair)
  • Golden Spoon (Last given to the wooden spoon album)


  • 45
  • Anatolian Folk Songs
  • My Mother Networks
  • Swear To Love
  • Feast to Festival
  • Bedia Akarturk
  • Should I dive into the sea
  • I Wandered My Trouble
  • Queen of Folklore (1975)
  • Don't Go Nightingale
  • Gulende
  • Caravan (O My Beloved)
  • Let's land, walk
  • Konya Bulbul 1
  • Konya Bulbul 2
  • I Become Servants
  • What am I with
  • I Apologize to You (2004)
  • Odemis Folk Songs
  • Sila Longing
  • The Egg Has No Handle
  • Zuhtu (1978)

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