Provided 200 Tons Red Lentil Seed Support to Farmers in Capital

provided tons of red lentil seed support to capital farmers
provided tons of red lentil seed support to capital farmers

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, provided red lentil seed support to farmers from the capital for the first time to improve rural development and increase domestic production. Rural Services Department; In Şereflikoçhisar, Bala and Haymana districts, a total of 675 tons of “Red Lentil Seeds” were distributed to 90 farmers, 10% of which was donated and 200% was farmer's contribution.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to implement support projects for farmers from the capital in order to support rural development and contribute to the country's economy.

President Yavaş initiated a new support project in order to reduce fallow lands, utilize dry agricultural lands and reduce input costs by encouraging domestic production. Rural Services Department distributed "Red Lentil Seeds" to farmers in Şereflikoçhisar, Bala and Haymana districts for the first time this year.


The Department of Rural Services, which focuses on projects that will stimulate agriculture in the capital, in line with the request of Mayor Yavaş, aims to increase the income level of farmers and to benefit from climate-based agricultural areas at the maximum level with these supports.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which made the farmers of the capital happy with numerous agricultural support projects from chickpea seeds to Hungarian vetch seeds, has now supported red lentil seeds for the first time in three districts, 90% of which are grants and 10% of farmers' contributions.

A total of 675 tons of red lentil seeds were distributed to 200 local producers in Şereflikoçhisar, Bala and Haymana districts.


The farmers who benefited from the red lentil seed support implemented for the first time by the Metropolitan Municipality and showed great interest in this support expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

-Ethem Sutcu: “This application has been very nice. It is an incentive to make agriculture more favorable. The burden on the farmer has been lifted. This is the first time I am buying lentils. Haymana is serving this way for the first time in her life. Mansur president is with the farmer. "

-Cihan Mehmet Minister: “We are very satisfied with this application. Metropolitan Municipality revitalized the farmer and agriculture. I have bought wheat, chickpeas and lentils before and I am very pleased with these services. Mansur is proud of the president. "

-Muzaffer Sengul: “Mansur president thinks about us, I thank him. I took advantage of vetch seeds, lentils and chickpeas. Thank you to those who contributed. "

-Mehmet Sezer: “I bought wheat and chickpeas last year. These supports improve farmers. This year, lentil support is given for the first time. The farmer makes a lot of profit. I am very pleased to distribute lentils with a 90 percent grant. May Allah Mansur be pleased with the president. "

-Rıza Demir: “Mansur president came to Ankara and spring came to Haymana. It gives what we want. It makes our way. Haymana has not received any service for twenty years. We got all the services. We make use of wheat, lentil, seedling, tree, chickpea. Mansur, I thank the president very much, I hope the future will be ours. "

-Mehmet Kose: “Mansur president is a very hard working person. It supports the farmer in his most troubled times. I am happy and proud that we have such a mayor. Soon we will also buy chickpeas. I also bought wheat and sowed and got a lot of yield. Now I buy red lentils and this service will take a great deal off from us. I appreciate and thank the services provided. "

-Mustafa Acic: “This service has been very helpful to us. Right now I had no money, I did not have the means, I could not buy lentils. Farmers like me have no credit. I was going to bring seeds from Konya under difficult conditions, but when I bought this, I gave up and made a profit because I received this service. Even 1 kilogram of lentils is very important to us at this time. 90 percent grant means free. It is very good for us. God bless Mansur from the president. "

-Suleyman Ozturk: “I benefit from all the support and I am very satisfied. I get chickpea and lentil support. Mansur president will also set up a bakery in Haymana, which made us happy. "

-Ismail Ateş: “I make my living from farming. kazanI'm hungry. In the past, we could not get help from the municipality. This service made us happy. I would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş for his contributions to the farmers.”

-Kemalettin Yildiz: “I thank the Metropolitan Municipality for its equal and just services. I received support for chickpeas, lentils, vetch seeds and the silage seeds will be distributed and I will also buy from it. I see the Mansur President as the greatest president ever. I wish Mansur the president to continue his success because he did not forget Haymana and because of this sensitivity. "

-Hizir Ozdemir: “I find this application very useful. I bought Hungarian vetch and now I am buying lentils. Mansur, thank you to the president for not forgetting the farmer. "

-Sadik Tuncay: “I am a farmer in Bala. We would like to thank our dear Mayor Mansur Yavaş and his team for doing this project. I would like to thank the farmer for his support. God bless him. "

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