Great Interest from Capital Farmers to Chickpea Seed Support

Strong interest from farmers for chickpea seed support
Strong interest from farmers for chickpea seed support

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues its agricultural development support for farmers in order to contribute to the economy of both the capital and the country by supporting domestic production. Due to the intense interest in the demand collection applications made by the Rural Services Department in 25 districts, the number was increased from 2 thousand to 5 thousand 700 farmers and the support rate was increased from 800 tons to 600 tons. Chickpea seeds will be distributed to farmers in March.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues the projects that prioritize rural development without slowing down.

President Yavaş, who continued his support for farmers in order to increase domestic production in the capital, has now pressed the button for chickpea seed support. Rural Services Department received demand collection applications for chickpea seeds in 25 districts in line with the request of Mayor Yavaş. In a short time, due to the intense applications of the farmers, the support of the Metropolitan Municipality chickpea seed was increased from 800 tons to 600 tons, while the number of farmers planned as 2 thousand was 5 thousand 700.


Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to continue agricultural development by reducing the economic grievances experienced due to the coronavirus epidemic; It will distribute 90 chickpea seeds to the farmers who meet the specified conditions, 10 percent of which are grant and 600 percent is farmer's contribution.

Upon the intense demand received during the application process between 3-5 February 2021, the Department of Rural Services doubled the chickpea seed support from 800 tons to 600 tons. The chickpea seed support, which is planned to be given to approximately 2 thousand farmers, broke the record by receiving 5 thousand 700 applications.


25 thousand 5 farmers who came to the locations determined in 700 districts and applied personally, stated that they will be relieved economically thanks to this support provided and thanked the Metropolitan Municipality.

Farmers who applied for chickpea seed support in Akyurt, Gölbaşı and Haymana expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

  • Yusuf Gurbuz: “As a farmer, I am very pleased with this service. I applied for the first time. It was very useful for us. "
  • Mustafa Ugur: “Thank you for all the support Mansur President gave to the farmer. I applied before and benefited from chickpea support and got a lot of efficiency. "
  • Necati Ozbek: “Thank you for the seeds given. I wish all municipalities would give these supports. Last year, I benefited from chickpea support, it helped us a lot. Why hasn't these supports been given so far? Supporting the farmers is very good and very valuable. "
  • Sedat Ugur: “First of all, I would like to thank Mansur president and everyone who contributed for thinking of the farmers this way. We are grateful to whoever thinks about farmers. Diesel prices are already certain, so seed supports are very important for us. "
  • Ertugrul Alparslan: “I also benefited from chickpea, wheat, Hungarian vetch and barley supplements. I didn't get it last year, but I'm happy to buy it this year. I thank Mansur Yavaş for contributing to the villagers. "
  • Baki Calik: “We are very satisfied with this application. Thank you for the support of our president, God bless. "
  • Recai Flag: “The farmer is now getting what he hoped for. Supporting is very nice. Before that, we bought pepper and tomato seedlings and planted them very efficiently. I also have animals. I bought Hungarian vetch and planted it. I was not planting wheat, I even planted wheat. I have 20 decares of wheat right now. It contributes to the economy as well as to our budget. We have not seen anything like this from the municipality so far. I thank the Mayor Mansur Yavaş very much, God bless him. "
  • Joseph Mert: “We thank our dear president for his support. I bought vetch seeds, I was not planting crops, I bought crops and planted them. I was very pleased. We say our satisfaction everywhere. "
  • Hüseyin Aytac Talas: “The grant seeds distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality benefit farmers a lot. We also benefited from other distributed seeds. I also bought Hungarian vetch seeds and wheat seeds.
  • Gulizar Tan: “I applied for chickpea support. We also benefited from the wheat support and we were satisfied, now I will buy chickpea seeds. We are pleased with our president, God bless. "
  • Hamza Tan: "Thank you to our Mayor for helping us through the hard times of the farmer. His work is admirable."
  • Ahmet Sonmez: "I am benefiting from seed supports and I am very satisfied."

The Rural Services Department plans to distribute chickpea seeds in March.

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