Mayor Bilgin: We Are Aiming to Make Sivas a Base Area for Wagon Production

We are aiming to make our president information center a wagon in the production of wagons.
We are aiming to make our president information center a wagon in the production of wagons.

Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin of Turkey Rail Vehicle Industry AŞ (TÜRASAŞ) visited. Mayor Bilgin made examinations in the units in the factory and received information about the works from TÜRASAŞ Regional Manager Atanur Karadağ.

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin visited TÜRASAŞ within the scope of the manufacturing company visits and visited the production sites accompanied by Deputy Mayors Bekir Sıtkı Eminoğlu, Levent Olgun and Regional Manager Atanur Karadağ. Mayor Bilgin, who received information about the productions during the trip, did not neglect to weld the new wagon rails.


Bilgin in his evaluation during the visit; “TÜRASAŞ is one of the important values ​​of our city. As you know, our TÜDEMSAŞ went to a new structuring and drew a new road map to include Eskişehir, Sakarya and Sivas. In this sense, Sivas continues to serve as the regional directorate. TÜRASAŞ Regional Directorate continues to serve our Sivas with products with high added value. We have just visited our production sites with our esteemed manager and fellow workers. We produce and ship our unique wagons to different countries of the world. Our aim is to make Sivas a base in the production of wagons in the transportation sector by expanding the private sector and sub-industry in a way that will ensure the coordination of TÜRASAŞ. At this point, our biggest strength is TÜRASAŞ and Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone. Hopefully, with the completion of the infrastructure of Demirağ OIZ, our investors will begin to come to our city. We are currently allocating space to various companies before they are completed. Because they believe in Sivas, they trust TÜRASAŞ's past knowledge, vision and human resources. TÜRASAŞ has already recruited new personnel in line with its growth strategy in order to continue this structuring. kazancontinues to climb. Currently, a 15-person resource team has been announced, and it will make a new purchase in May and June.” said.


Different manipulations are made by different minds. This country is ours and we work with love for this country.” Saying that, Bilgin said, “We owe our sultan city a debt, and in order to pay that debt, we offer the best of service to our city, from industry to education, from health to tourism, from infrastructure to transportation. kazanwe are trying to climb. Let them be sure that 'TÜDEMSAŞ', as 'TÜRASAŞ', will continue to specialize in the Turkish economy, with Sivas's employment and production, together with products with higher added value than before. TÜRASAŞ is one of our values, it was our value yesterday, and it will continue to be the value of our Sivas and Turkey today and tomorrow.” used the phrase.

TÜRASAŞ Regional Manager Atanur Karadağ expressed his satisfaction with the visit and said, “We are making examinations in our production factory with our President, Hilmi Bilgin. As our president saw, we continue our production at full speed. We export our wagons that we produce in Sivas, in partnership with 3 different countries. The support of our president with us also makes us stronger. " said.

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