I Pay 25 Thousand TL Per Month for Highway and Bridges

I pay a thousand TL per month for highway and bridge
I pay a thousand TL per month for highway and bridge

Hakan Zorlu, President of the SS Marmara Carriers Cooperative Regional Union, expressed the high prices of highways and bridges and said, “I pay 4 thousand TL bridge and highway fees per month for 25 vehicles, but that's that much money. kazanI can't," he said.

Carrier cooperatives, who stated that their business has decreased due to the pandemic and that the flights have decreased, made money when bridge and highway fees were added to the negativities experienced. kazanThey stated that they had become incapacitated. Truck and lorry drivers, who state that they pay more tolls than fuel, want a regulation on highway and bridge fees. Otherwise, they emphasized that the transportation sector would be unable to travel especially to the Istanbul region.


Due to the pandemic, the drivers want discounts in the tolls on the bridges and highways. The cooperatives, which have made actions and statements on this issue many times before, express that the problem has grown even more recently. SS Marmara Carriers Cooperative Regional Union President Hakan Zorlu stated that the toll of a truck on the way to Istanbul is between 570 and 600 TL, and that he pays 4 thousand TL toll per month for his 25 vehicles.


Zorlu said, “Even I make that much money a month. kazanI am not breastfeeding. We took action and made statements many times, but this problem could not be overcome. We are in a position to say, "Let them get the discount, it's enough for them to make a raise". The tolls, which are the most important expense item for truckers, need to be regulated. It is not possible to reduce tolls on bridges and highways built with the Build-Operate-Transfer method.”

Source: Kocaeligazetesi.com

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