Guarantee for Eurasia Tunnel, More Than 5 Vehicles Per One Year

Guarantee of more than a thousand vehicles every year for the Eurasia tunnel
Guarantee of more than a thousand vehicles every year for the Eurasia tunnel

The Eurasia Tunnel, which has increased by 4 percent in 206 years and has a one-way toll of 46 liras, causes extra damage with the warranty of 5 more vehicles per thousand each year. In addition to the annual vehicle pass guarantee, the contract also includes an article to increase this number by 5 per thousand every year.

According to the news of Başak Kaya from SÖZCÜ; “CHP Zonguldak Deputy and TBMM KIT Commission Member Deniz Yavuzyılmaz said the following in his statement:


“In 2020, the number of guarantees was 25 million 194 thousand. In 2021, $ 25 per vehicle will be issued by the Treasury, no matter if 320 million 4 thousand vehicles pass. At the end of the 24-year operating period, the total number of guaranteed vehicles will be 642 million 877 thousand. The number of daily vehicle pass guarantees increased from 2017 thousand to 2020 thousand 5 with an increase of 68 per thousand between 69-25. During this period, the Treasury made guarantee payments for 5 thousand 727 more vehicles with an increase of 85 per thousand. For this reason, the amount paid was 2017 million 2020 thousand 3 dollars between 227 and 407. When calculated from today's exchange rate (7.26), it is 23 million 430 thousand 979 dollars including VAT. "


Yavuzyılmaz said, “An increase of 5 per thousand does not exist in other projects. If it had not been put into Eurasia, the guaranteed number of vehicles would have been 606 million 21 thousand 666. The difference is 36 million 856 thousand 173 vehicles, which is 159 million 218 thousand dollars of extra piles. "Until the tunnel is transferred to the public with today's exchange rate, the extra pile is 1 billion 155 million 927 thousand TL."

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