Asya Aviation Imaged 1915 Çanakkale Bridge from Air

Asian aviation canakkale bridge seen from the air
Asian aviation canakkale bridge seen from the air

Asya ASC Aviation, which serves in the field of Time Bulding (PIC) and was established in 2019, provides service with its aircraft in a short time with 100 percent satisfaction and price guarantee.

The company, which carries the PIC concept to different points to the Tecnam p2002jf, Cessna 150m, Cessna 150j aircraft in its fleet, aims to make the flights enjoyable and efficient by allowing the families and friends of those who love flying to take off.

In the statement made regarding the activities of the company, the following information was shared: “PIC is seen as an education in our country. We would like to break this theory and declare that PIC is not an education but a phase of self-development. Our safety pilots accompany you while you fly your PIC. However, we act with the awareness that you are the pilot in charge of that plane. The reason why safety pilots accompany you in the flights is for safety and it is aimed to convey their experience, knowledge and knowledge to you. It is one of the policies we follow to increase the efficiency of your flights by applying preparation / orientation to IR training, which is the next stage of piloting training. Among the free facilities offered, accommodation in our apartments specially allocated for you is a refrigerator, washing machine, TV, wifi, iron, etc. you can benefit from the facilities free of charge. We provide your transportation from square to accommodation. If you wish, our experienced safety pilots accompany you during your flights. They share their knowledge and skills with you. IR helps you prepare for the next stage by practicing.

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