ASELSAN Continues to Nationalize the Antennas Used in Communication Systems

aselsan continues to nationalize antennas used in communication systems.
aselsan continues to nationalize antennas used in communication systems.

ASELSAN continues to nationalize its antennas with competitive prices and high technical performance by providing the sub-industry development as a result of the original development and domestic mass production activities carried out by the sub-industry companies.

As a result of the localized communication antennas, it has been ensured that the antenna products, which are planned to be procured from abroad since 2017, are produced with domestic resources with a 95% localization rate. Contribution is made to the development of SMEs and sub-industry by assigning subcontractors in production.

Within the scope of the Multi-Band Digital Joint Radio (ÇBSMT) Project carried out under the responsibility of the Communication and Information Technologies (HBT) Sector Presidency, the works for the localization of V / UHF vehicle radio antennas to be used in the 30-512 MHz band have been completed. In the current situation, instead of vehicle antenna supplied from abroad with V / UHF radios on land platforms; It was decided to use local and nationally produced ASELSAN antenna. Within the scope of the ÇBSMT Project, many radio deliveries to be used between 2021-2024 will be made with domestic and national antennas.

Domestic and national antennas continue to be used in the tactical field

Military communication antennas were nationalized by the REHİS Sector Presidency with the protocols executed with the HBT Sector Presidency; It is delivered to HBT Sector Presidency in various projects, including the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) Multi-Band Digital Joint Radio (ÇBSMT), Utility Helicopter Communication Equipment Project, Azerbaijan Airborne Platforms and Tower Communication System Modernization Project, Azerbaijan Radiolink Communication System and SIPER Projects. The developed antennas and radomes are used effectively in the tactical field.

Originally designed multi-band base station antennas are also being developed with the knowledge and experience gained in the antenna field. A large number of 4XPOL GSM antennas will be delivered and prototype verification studies of the 8XPOL GSM antenna will be completed in the near future.

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