What Features Should the Best Vacuum Cleaner Have?

What features is the best electric vacuum cleaner homeluna
What features is the best electric vacuum cleaner homeluna

Although shopping is very easy nowadays, the increasing number of brands and models create an advantageous situation in many aspects such as diversity and being able to appeal to every budget; sometimes the presence of such diversity can cause us to be confused. The vacuum cleaner is also at the top of the technology sector in terms of increasing variety of brands and models. A quality vacuum cleaner purchased after a purchase made as a result of correct researches and choices enables us to use it without losing its performance for years. In this article, we explain what you should pay attention to in order to help you choose the best vacuum cleaner among this variety.

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What Should We Pay Attention To When Buying A Vacuum Cleaner?

Sound Level

Today, one of the most important factors in the search for a quality vacuum cleaner is the sound level. Many people live in apartments and want to choose a quiet vacuum cleaner in order not to disturb both themselves and their neighbors. Vacuum cleaners usually have a sound level between 65 dB and 75 dB. Among the models you are unsure about, it is useful to pay attention to dB levels with decibels or abbreviations.

Watt Power

Watt power can sometimes cause confusion, a vacuum cleaner with a high wattage does not always mean a better vacuum cleaner. Watts are related to the electricity consumption of the vacuum cleaner. For this reason, you should be careful not to confuse the concept of wattage with gravity or suction power.

Modes and Apparatus Variety

If you choose the right vacuum cleaner, you can use the product for years, and you can not only stay with your home, but also clean your car easily. However, most vacuum cleaners today; It can have different modes for seat cleaning, carpet, parquet, narrow spaces and the like. Different modes allow you to perform more functions with the same device.

What should be considered here is the variety of apparatus of the machine. The apparatus that comes with some vacuum cleaners can be extremely useful especially for narrow spaces, seat spaces and vehicles. At the same time, if you are a pet owner, it is possible to find brooms that come with special attachments such as brushes to remove hairs sticking to the carpet.

Model and Type

In fact, it is possible to divide the vacuum cleaners into 3, roughly with or without dust bags, robot vacuum cleaners and vertical vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuum cleaners are very popular lately. If you live in a small house or if you cannot spare that much time to clean the house due to very busy working tempo, we recommend you to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. However, if you think that you will not be able to get enough efficiency with a robot vacuum cleaner and you are a crowded family, you can take a look at the dust bagless vacuum cleaner types. Likewise, if you have a small house and there are too many narrow spaces in your home, it is possible to say that you can get the best efficiency with a vertical broom.


If you have allergies, if you have a child or a pet; One of the most important criteria for you should be the filter. The product you will purchase must have a quality filter. If the filter is not good enough, the dust picked up will not be captured well and will be mixed back into the environment from the vacuum cleaner. As a result, of course, it will be difficult for you to do a sufficient level of cleaning.

Warranty and Service

It is also a nice advantage that the service of the vacuum cleaner brand you will purchase is close to you in case of a possible mishap. In order for the vacuum to be long-lasting, it is useful to take into account the service possibilities and the warranty coverage period.

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