Weekly Horoscope for February 22-28, 2021

my desire is sheeper
my desire is sheeper

The challenging February is finally coming to an end, our minds that are out of retrograde Mercury are still feeling its flesh because Mercury advancing slowly in a straight course is preparing us for March without notice. The most favorable day of the week is Tuesday, and the most important days are Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. In the celestial course of the week, Venus goes to Pisces on Thursday, the course of Venus in Virgo will be good for the water and soil groups, then on Saturday in Virgo. The full moon will bring everything to light, it is not hidden with the moon in the sky, and we are starting a new era, leaving the old ones behind. I wish everyone a good week.

Coach '' Success through awareness ''

Hello Dear Coaches, you can start next week with problems related to the house. Issues such as buying, selling, relocating, placement may bother you. Monday to Tuesday may also have to take care of your grandparents and family. Wednesday and Thursday will be pleasant times, developments regarding your love life are pleasing. You may feel better and lucky as Venus' Pisces cruise enlightens your subconscious on Thursday. Dolunay, which takes place in Başak on Saturday, highlights the problems in your business life and health issues. Now it is time to transform yourself about your career. The new arrangements you will make about your work order will make you feel good and you will be prepared for March like a bomb.

Taurus '' Your luck opens in love and here ''

You start the week with good news from your close circle and siblings. On Tuesday, the intensity of your work can be realized in a positive sense. The transit of Venus, which went into Pisces on Thursday, will be happy for your social circle and the friends you cooperate with, and at the same time, this development will revive your love life. The Full Moon, which takes place on Saturday in Virgo, will help you experience positive developments in your love life.

Gemini '' Good opportunities in career ''

Dear Gemini, you start the week with good developments in your money field.You can experience developments in financial matters on Tuesday.After Venus enters Pisces on Thursday, there are good developments in your career field.These premiums, promotions and salary increases are some problems related to your Full Moon family elders in Virgo on Saturday issues related to the house may be on your agenda in the next 15 days, such as moving, relocating, and placing.

Cancer '' Positive developments in business life ''

Dear Cancer, you start the week with change and transformation, your business, the developments you collaborate with, your family may tire you this week With Venus's transition to Pisces on Thursday, social media international issues A new lucky period regarding higher education issues awaits you Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday It will help you get results faster by shedding light on the important issues related to your business.

Aslan '' Increase in money income ''

Dear lions, you are starting to move forward by making inferences about your life, you may have to deal with some issues related to your business life and your private relationship on Wednesday, Venus transiting from Pisces on Thursday can increase your income from others in the next 1 month. The Full Moon, which takes place on Saturday in Virgo, can shed light on your financial situation and receive fast payments from your customers who can invest in the future.

Başak '' Time to make lasting decisions in love and business ''

Dear Virgins You start the week with good news from your friends in your social circle.You will be supported by the people you cooperate with on Tuesday, Venus in Pisces can take a step towards seriousness in bilateral relations. In business life, you can meet your business partners with whom you will earn a contract with the Full Moon on Saturday in Virgo. I would say that issues related to your business life or workplace will be on your agenda together, you can spend the weekend with your loved ones, especially a period when it increases in favor of love. I wish you a pleasant week

Libra '' New changes in the career field ''

Dear Libra, you start the week with positive developments in your career house. You can work on business development and renewal on Monday, Tuesday. You can experience the changes and luck with your business and colleagues with Venus, who switched to Pisces on Thursday, while the Full Moon in Virgo, which will take place on Saturday, triggers your awareness, in the following process, you will be more careful like eating yogurt with a burning mouth.

Scorpio '' a lively and prosperous week ''

Dear Scorpions, you start the week with positive developments on international issues. Social media
And the developments in the fields of education will please you, with Venus passing to Pisces on Thursday, your daily life activities may increase, and your distant relatives may visit. While the full moon in Virgo is moving in your social circle, you can make decisions to remove some of your friends in your life.

Sagittarius `` A new era begins ''

Dear Yays, you start the week with the increase in your income from others. You can feel better in 2 days. Venus in Pisces on Thursday is related to your family and home; You can deal with buying, selling and placing. The Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday may be on your agenda in the next 15 days that will arise in your career field.

Capricorn '' Luck laughs in your face ''

Dear Capricorns, you start the week with positive developments in your business life and your relationships, this week is very meaningful for you.You can experience good developments in matters related to work and education with Venus, who switched to Pisces on Thursday, and then the Full Moon in Virgo on Saturday reveals the developments related to international issues. the days ahead when you will be more efficient in terms of money.

Aquarius '' Beware of income and expenses ''

Dear Aquarius, you start the week with the problems in your business environment, take care of your health on Tuesday, Venus's Pisces cruise on Thursday brings abundance and abundance to your money home. You will experience a Full Moon that will enable you to act with your account, which will illuminate the issues related to your credits to your full moon spending on Saturday.

Fish '' Happiness in the household ''

Dear Pisces, you start the week with beautiful developments in your love life, third of the sky
With the passing of Venus to your sign, your luck at work and love will increase, you may come up with unexpected opportunities, the Full Moon, which will take place in Virgo on Saturday, can bring you the business partnerships you desire and the marriage proposal you have been waiting for for a long time.

Source: Ayşe Koyuncu


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