Ünye Port Will Change the Fate of the Region

Unye port will change the fate of the region
Unye port will change the fate of the region

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works at Ünye Port, which will provide convenience at the point of export to the Black Sea countries and Turkic Republics.

President Dr. Significant progress has been achieved in the work initiated under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler in order to create a port that is larger than the 6 country ports bordering the Black Sea and will become a leader on the entire Black Sea coast.

Coşkun Alp, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, who obtained information from the authorities by making examinations at Ünye Port, which will be the exit gate of the Black Sea Mediterranean Road, said, “We have implemented another project that is very important for Ordu. The work in Ünye Port, which our Metropolitan Mayor closely follows, is carried out by ORBEL A.Ş. Many investments are being made within the port, especially capacity increase and technological innovation ”.


Stating that the teams are working day and night to increase the capacity of the port and reveal the container port of the future, General Secretary Coşkun Alp said, “We started to work on another project that our Metropolitan Mayor has been working on specially since the day he took office. We are currently working in the port, ”he said.

Alp said: “These works are carried out by ORBEL A.Ş., a subsidiary of our Municipality. There is a sand dredge in the harbor right now This ship dredges 8 meters deep ground. After dredging, the ground will be improved. Special molds formed later on the reclaimed ground will be placed into the sea by means of divers. We have covered an important distance in these works, which were carried out inch by inch. When the Unye Port is completed, 3 ships will be able to easily dock and load and unload cargo. In addition, the existing dock, which is 150 meters, will be doubled with the work to be done. So far, 2-meter section has been completed. Our teams are working day and night to implement this project, which is important for our city.

On the other hand, it is aimed to complete the work carried out by ORBEL A.Ş. within 1,5 years. When the project, in which the Metropolitan Municipality invested 50 million lira, is completed, it will make a significant contribution to the city's economy.

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