Clean Air and Safe Shopping with TÜV SÜD Certificate at Canpark Shopping Center

Tuv sud certified clean air and safe shopping in canpark mall
Tuv sud certified clean air and safe shopping in canpark mall

Canpark AVM regularly implements "mask, distance and hygiene" measures with great precision in order to minimize the risk of contamination during the pandemic process in the world and to ensure that its employees and visitors are safely in a healthy environment.

Thanks to the Hycanx Hepa + UVC Combo Duct Type Air Cleaning System certified by TÜV SÜD and developed by the Canovate Group, Class 8 clean air is provided in the Canpark Shopping Center, ie operating room standards.

Thanks to the 3-stage filtering (G4, HEPA, Photocatalytic Filter) used in healthcare technology and the UVC disinfection system that does not produce ozone, thanks to the air cleaning system that neutralizes viruses, bacteria, fungi / mold and other harmful particles that may be harmful to health in the air in indoor environments, visitors are able to shop in 100% fresh air, healthy and safe.

Canpark AVM has registered the measures it has taken with the TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate

Canpark AVM, which has been working non-stop for the safety of stores and employees, especially visitors, since March, when the pandemic process started, perfectly fulfills the hygiene, infection prevention and control certification criteria determined by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). Canpark AVM, which received the certificate, continues to be the exemplary shopping mall of the Anatolian Side.

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