Toyota Starts Construction of the City of the Future Woven City

Toyota started the construction of woven city, the city of the future
Toyota started the construction of woven city, the city of the future

Explaining that it is not only an automobile manufacturer but also a mobility company, Toyota held the groundbreaking ceremony of the high-tech city of “Woven City” that will lead many mobility development projects.

Woven Planet, responsible for the mobility development projects of Toyota and Toyota Group, started construction of the city at an old vehicle manufacturing facility in Fuji, Japan. Together with Woven City, it will form a fully connected ecosystem powered by "0" emission hydrogen fuel cells. The city, built in this scope, aims to accelerate technological development in order to serve a better society.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Woven City, which will host the technologies of the future, was attended by Toyota President Akio Toyoda along with Shizuoka County Governor Heita Kawakatsu, Susono Mayor Kenji Takamura, Woven Planet CEO James Kuffner, TMEJ President Kazuhiro Miyauchi and local people representatives.

A technological and people-centered city

Woven City, the city of the future, will offer a human-centered approach as well as high technology. Toyota took action for the Woven City project, which was first announced in January 2020, and started its work. Toyota, which designs the city as a living laboratory and an evolving project, is in Woven City; It will enable the development and testing of technologies such as autonomous technologies, robots, personal mobility, smart homes and artificial intelligence. It is also expected to provide a range of business opportunities and involve researchers from around the world.

There will be three types of streets in Woven City at ground level. One will belong to autonomous vehicles, one to pedestrians and one to pedestrians using personal mobility vehicles. At the same time, an underground road will be built to be used for transporting cargo and goods. Life in the city, which will have advanced technology, will begin with approximately 360 residents, mostly adults, families with small children. After that; With the participation of researchers and Toyota employees, it will reach a population of over 2,000.

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