The Bridge Work That Will Provide Transitions to Serdivan Has Ended

The work of the bridge that will provide passages to the serdiana has come to an end
The work of the bridge that will provide passages to the serdiana has come to an end

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in the project that will provide passages to Serdivan over Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard. The bridge, 25 meters in length and 18 meters in width, will be opened after the sidewalk and intersection arrangement.

The project, which was heralded by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem Yüce, and will be a new alternative for transitions from Sebahattin Zaim Boulevard to Serdivan, has come to an end. The road between Hasır Street and Süleyman Binek Street, whose infrastructure and superstructure was completed before, was turned into a double road and opened to the use of citizens. After the end of the bridge that will provide passage to Serdivan, signaling works in the region were also completed. After the sidewalk and crossroads are arranged, the bridge will be opened for use.

About to be completed

In the statement made by the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, “Hasır Street, which is 900 meters long, and Süleyman Binek Street have been turned into a double road. The passage of our citizens coming through Yenikent to Serdivan will be realized with the bridge to be opened. In this way, we will reduce the number of vehicles using the Summer Crossroad. Our underpass for pedestrian and bicycle paths has also been completed. Finally, our teams will draw the pedestrian crossings after the renewal of the signaling works. It is said that our bridge will be opened in a short time.

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