The Facts Behind the Hike to Transportation in Kocaeli

The truth behind the hike in Kocaeli
The truth behind the hike in Kocaeli

UCTEA Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Kocaeli Branch President Kürekçi reacted to the transportation increases and explained how the right to transport, which is a public service, was liquidated.

Reacting to the increase in transportation in Kocaeli, TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Kocaeli Branch Chairman Murat Kürekçi explained how the cheaper cost of sea and rail transportation in the city was liquidated by commercialization and how the right to transportation, which is a public service, was destroyed.

Stating that trying to solve the transportation problem only by road makes the problem even more intractable, Kürekçi stated that water is the transportation object that can be established and operated with the least cost, but that sea transportation in Kocaeli, a Gulf province, is extremely idle, especially in terms of passenger transportation.

'Promotion of highways reinforces foreign dependency'

Making a written statement about the transportation problem in Kocaeli and the liquidation of the right to transportation, Kürekçi drew attention to the inadequate use of railway transportation in the city as well as the sea route.

Kürekçi emphasized that it is unacceptable that highway transportation, which is dependent on foreign countries with its asphalt, vehicles, spare parts supply and fuel oil, is so used and encouraged and it reinforces dependence on foreign countries.

Stating that the means of transportation by the seas and railways are “more populist, more reliable, comfortable and cheaper”, Kürekçi said, “Besides, transportation costs and sustainable transportation are extremely important. It should not be forgotten that transportation is a right and it should be offered to everyone equally and with quality ”.

Train services stopped during the pandemic period

Noting that the existing rail systems are not used in railways, Kürekçi said, "Adapazarı train operating between Adapazarı and Pendik was disabled for years and the people's train usage habit was tried to be forgotten." Reminding that on the official web page of TCDD, the phrase "All Our Regional Train Flights are Temporarily Stopped Within the Scope of Combating the Coronavirus Epidemic", Kürekçi stated that the number of trips should be increased in contrast to stopping the train services in such periods and said "Bus companies are allowed to carry passengers and It is a contradictory decision for TCDD to stop its activities on this route, ”he said.

Rower stated that due to the pandemic, the transportation fee should be considered within the scope of economic support to the public, and this fee should be either symbolic or not charged at all.

The number of wagons has been reduced

Noting that the previous route (which started from Haydarpaşa), which facilitates the transportation of citizens coming from the European Side of Istanbul, was shortened between Pendik and Adapazarı, Kürekçi said, “Thousands of people using Adapazarı Train between Adapazarı, Kocaeli and İstanbul still cannot benefit from this opportunity. As is known, Adapazarı Train operated 8 times a day between Adapazarı and Haydarpaşa 24 years ago and served at 31 train stations. Recently, the number of trips was reduced from 24 to 10, and the number of train stations served from 31 to 10. More than 20 train stations are currently closed (Derbent, Köseköy, Kırkikievler, Tavşancıl, Diliskelesi and most importantly Haydarpaşa train stations are still not operational). We expect Adapazarı Train services, which were completely out of service during the pandemic, to be put into service again, taking into account hygiene and health rules. We want to explain why the number of wagons of Adapazarı Train, which previously served with 7 wagons, was reduced to 4 ”.

Stating that a temporary solution was found by putting a bus service on this route by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kürekçi said, “Instead of railway transportation, the much more expensive rubber-wheeled transportation method has been preferred. These costs were also reflected in the transportation costs, ”he said.

High speed train does not stop in the province anymore

It was announced that the high-speed train would not stop at Gebze, Izmit and Arifiye stops. Kürekçi said, "We want the public institution officials to reevaluate this decision so that the people of Gebze, Kocaeli and Sakarya can benefit from the high-speed train service as soon as possible." Stating that the number of high speed trains between Istanbul and Ankara should be increased, Kürekçi said, “It is not correct not to increase the number of flights, although there is a demand for passengers. We demand that the Bosphorus Train route, which serves between Arifiye and Ankara, be extended to our city and the number of trips be increased ”.

Even 10 percent cannot be moved

"Five years ago, the daily passenger potential was announced as 16 people," Kürekçi stated that approximately 410 people can be transported by high-speed trains that make 6.500 trips between Istanbul and Ankara. That is, even 5 percent of the expressed current potential cannot be carried. Finding tickets from the provinces on the route is more difficult than the start and arrival stations. Many train stations that were closed due to high speed trains are still not operated. While it is necessary to ensure fast and safe transportation of citizens living in districts in order to prevent migration to big cities, it is a very wrong practice to close the existing train stations ”.

High bridge tolls increased urban traffic

Pointing out that Osmangazi Bridge is not preferred due to its high passage price, the transportation to Bursa and İzmir provinces via Kocaeli province continues, Kürekçi stated that high toll fees also cause vehicle density in urban highway traffic.

Kürekçi said, “Putting rubber-wheeled transportation systems to the forefront instead of long-term rail transportation systems is against the principles of sustainable transportation. It is not possible to transport cheap passengers with imported fuel and the applied tax policy. Taxes / taxes are charged even for the fuel used in fuel products, ”he said.

Between Gebze and Gölcük 25 TL

Stating that the passenger transportation fee for the line number 700, which was put into service between Gebze and Gölcük, was determined as 25 TL / person, as a result of this situation, Kürekçi said, “This fee determined for Line 700 is still about 2,5 according to the fee of the Municipality bus carrying passengers between Otogar and Kartal times higher. It is remarkable that the full price is determined to be close to the fuel cost to be consumed during the journey with a personal vehicle ”.

Kürekçi underlined the need to prioritize investments that encourage public transportation and bicycle use, rather than investments-pricing that encourage personal vehicle ownership.

Another issue that Kürekçi draws attention to is that the use of railways in freight transportation is very low. Stating that only 4 percent of the freight transportation in the country is still carried out by rail, Kürekçi stated that while the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train project is being planned, the 3rd line for freight transportation is still not completed, and the railway connection of an important port such as Haydarpaşa is still unusable. Kürekçi pointed out that the railway line of Karasu Port could not be completed despite the promises, and therefore the port cargo had to be transported by road.

'Railway is indispensable for cheap transportation of industrial products'

Stating that the railway connection is indispensable for cheap and fast transportation of raw materials and products in industry, Kürekçi said, “The opening date has not been given for the Konya-Karaman, Ankara-Sivas, Bursa high-speed train projects, which are planned to be completed in 2015 and are still ongoing. The final opening date for the Konya-Karaman high-speed train project was set as May 2020, and then revised as the end of 2020. Worse still, no explanation could be made on how to carry out freight transportation on these lines, ”he said.

The number of employees of TCDD, which was 1959 thousand 66 in 595, increased to 2000 thousand 47 in 212 and 2017 thousand 17 at the end of 747; Thousands of road and walkway caregivers of work needed line in caregivers number of the 39 fallen pointing oarsmen "1923-1950 period, the railways compared amenities that today the possibilities of Turkey can be understood today how little importance is given," he said.

'The right of transport is liquidated by commercialization'

President of Kocaeli Branch of UCTEA Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and TMMOB Kocaeli HRK Secretary Kürekçi said, “In short, public service, the right to safe and cheap transportation based on public and social benefits; "Railways, highways, airlines, maritime transport operations are being liquidated through the commercialization process and the weakening of railway operations".

He emphasized that the rapid transition to integrated transportation systems to be designed for rowing cities, the use of existing railway lines such as Adapazarı-Istanbul line should be made effective again, and that the existing railways used by regional and intercity trains should be actively used in urban passenger (suburban) and freight transport. Kürekçi also stated that the opinions of professional associations and other relevant parties should be consulted in the preparation and revisions of the Transportation Master Plans. (Left)

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