'Channel Istanbul' Response from İmamoğlu to Erdoğan was Not Delayed

The response from imamogl to erdogana channel istanbul was quick
The response from imamogl to erdogana channel istanbul was quick

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlustarted the construction of Ataköy Waste Water Tunnel, which is one of the most important projects to prevent pollution in the Sea of ​​Marmara. Pressing the button that will allow the TBM device to be carried out to be lowered underground, İmamoğlu said to the journalists, who asked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's comments on the words "We will make Kanal Istanbul out of spite," and said, "I remind those who still find it difficult to be stubborn with Istanbul, June 23. “Istanbul is unbearable. To those who say, 'I will always be stubborn', frankly, I say 'Istanbul is here'. But remember, Istanbul has proven something; Istanbul is greater than 1. Point” he replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluparticipated in the ceremony of lowering the TBM device, which will carry out the construction of the wastewater tunnel started by İSKİ in Ataköy. To İmamoğlu at the ceremony; Bakırköy Mayor Bülent Kerimoğlu, Küçükçekmece Mayor Kemal Cebi and İBB SözcüMurat Ongun was accompanied. Making the first speech at the ceremony, İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu gave examples of their work and services during their approximately 1,5-year tenure. Mermutlu stated that they have solved the problems in the regions experiencing chronic flooding problem in 36 different points of the city, and that they have stopped wastewater from 72 different points to the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus.


Mermutlu said, "We built 450 kilometers of wastewater and 105 kilometers of rainwater lines" and shared the information that they have completed 22 km of stream rehabilitation. Mermutlu, who gives examples of projects that are under construction and will be implemented in the upcoming period, said, “Our Ataköy wastewater tunnel, where we will start TBM excavation here today, will be 9 kilometers in total and 4,5 meters in outer diameter of Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece and Bakırköy districts on the eastern side of Küçükçekmece Lake. By taking the waste water, it will deliver it to our Ataköy Wastewater Advanced Biological Treatment Plant, which is located right next to us and whose 2nd stage was put into service by our President last November. The construction of our tunnel, which will be built completely underground and without excavation, will not negatively affect the daily life of Istanbul.

We aim to complete our tunnel, which will cost approximately 180 million TL, by the end of 2022 and put it into service ”.


Speaking after Mermutlu, İmamoğlu emphasized that they approached the city's problems in a solution-oriented manner. Stating that the tunnel, which was put into production in this context, will serve millions of people living in 3 districts, İmamoğlu underlined that the facility will make a significant contribution to the cleaning of the Marmara Sea. Saying, “Istanbul used to give the appearance of such a quagmire in the previous periods,” said İmamoğlu, “Even with some of the dominant images, it embraces an image that does not suit Istanbul at all and unfortunately it was making our citizens live. Someone will remain in their memory so that he still thinks and expresses these points as swampy. However, I recommend them to travel. At close to 40 points, we've fixed these chronic problems. Our work continues at nearly 40 points. In fact, they perceive the needs of people with reason, science and research in many places that have a swampy appearance, and many neglected investments from the past, and by feeling what they want and which problems should be solved; they do not act stubbornly ”used expressions.


Stressing that the service cannot be done stubbornly, İmamoğlu said, “The service rendered stubbornly has no chance to benefit the nation. In this sense, I really care about the investments made by İSKİ in Istanbul during this period. Because I announce to all officials that it will be felt that much more valuable work has been done when seen on the spot. Come along, let them come. Let us show and explain with pleasure how much a human-oriented process we have managed within İSKİ alone. Istanbul is a precious city, an ancient city. Every service is precious; As long as you feel Istanbul and act together with Istanbul. Respect their mind. Identify their thoughts and needs. Istanbul's return to you in this sense will be equally sincere and strong. An important character about Istanbul for us; Never to betray Istanbul. Because we have seen and experienced the answer of our citizens to those who betrayed Istanbul in the past election. After this time, of course, we will never betray Istanbul and we will never allow or give an opportunity to be betrayed, ”he said.


İmamoğlu, together with Kerimoğlu, Çebi and Mermutlu, pressed the buttons and brought the TBM device underground. Journalists, meanwhile, told İmamoğlu, “Yesterday, there was a crowded congress in Istanbul. At that congress, the President also had words to you. He first touched on Kanal Istanbul. How will you evaluate the statement “We will do Kanal Istanbul” in spite of him asked the question. İmamoğlu gave the following answer to this question:

“An agenda change effort. There is no such thing as stubbornly. Perhaps someone has forgotten now, but there is a pain that we cannot forget. 4-5 days have passed since then. We had martyrs in Gara. Our police and soldiers, who were held by the PKK terrorist organization for 6-7 years, were martyred. I called all the families one by one. I've met them all. There were families that I visited personally. First of all, I wish God's mercy. Their pain is too great. It has not yet been answered in the conscience of the nation that somebody's announcement of the gospel turned back to 'why we failed'. This is an effort to make you forget such a painful event, to capsize the process with other agendas. Absolutely and definitely an attempt to bring it to an agenda outside of that pain that people experience these days. I will not be a tool for this. In Istanbul; To create other agendas that were channels, etc. However, today, our martyrs have pain. There are other agendas; there is poverty, there is unemployment. people for the first time in Turkey's history is entering the breadline. There is a fight against the pandemic. People are struggling for life. While these are there, I am clearly not interested in what is said in the crowded congress halls, what is said with such off-the-agenda mind. "


İmamoğlu reminded the journalists that "the President made a statement about you, 'We are in pursuit of fantasy, and we are troubled." But I'm not surprised. As you know, I don't expect anything other than an understanding that repeats the speeches from 2 years ago and 4,5 years ago. I do not expect anything but understanding of speaking with the same text and the same language. Istanbul's agenda is different. I remind those who still see it as a means to stubbornness with Istanbul, 5 June. You cannot be stubborn with Istanbul. For those who say 'I will stubbornly stubbornly', frankly, I say 'Istanbul is here'. But remember, Istanbul has proven something; Istanbul is bigger than 23. “Point”.

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