Good news to the people of Mersin! Interchange Completed in 87 Days and Opened to Traffic

The multi-storey intersection was completed in the day and opened to traffic
The multi-storey intersection was completed in the day and opened to traffic

The Multi-Storey Intersection Project, which was started at the intersection of Yenişehir District Hüseyin Okan Merzeci Boulevard and the 20th Street, by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams in order to relieve the density of urban traffic, was completed in 87 days and opened to traffic. The north-south direction of the Çatı Junction was closed to traffic for uninterrupted and safe traffic. The work of the teams affiliated to the Department of Cleaning, Landscaping and Transportation in the Multi-Storey Crossroad project was completed quickly.

Teams took part in the Interchange work 7/24

Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams worked 7/24 in the Interchange works. In the works where the teams mainly carried out traffic safety, heavy-duty type 1380-meter bridge protective type new system guardrails were installed, and security measures were increased with illuminated borders. In the project with a total length of 740 meters with 712 meters of pedestrian railings, 1200 meters of superstructure was completed.

78 bored piles were used, including 90 precast beams of 729, 21 precast panels, 438 for the pumping station. Total forage length was 8 thousand 343 meters. 339 retaining curtains with a length of 28 meters were used. 1800 tons of iron, 1000 cubic meters of concrete, 20 thousand tons of BSK, 35 thousand tons of PMAT and PMT were used in the project; 50 thousand cubic meters of excavation was removed. 10 thousand square meters of pavement was laid. 1700 meters of drinking water line, 1200 meters of rainwater line, 360 meters of sewage line renovation work was done. A pumping station with a volume of 85 cubic meters and 3 pumps with an hourly capacity of 360 cubic meters were installed. Occupational safety was kept at the highest level and no accident occurred.

The fastest multi-level intersection ever completed

The project, which will relieve the traffic to a great extent, was completed in 87 days and became the fastest multi-level intersection work in the city until now. Work on Anıt Intersection was completed in 190 days, Sovereignty Crossroads in 145, and Democracy Crossroads in 120 days. Compared to other multi-storey intersections, it was seen that the manufacturing items were 25 percent higher in the Multi-Storey Intersection completed in Yenişehir District.

Other teams also worked in coordination.

In order to open the multi-storey intersection to traffic, the teams affiliated to the Environmental Protection and Control Department, the Parks and Gardens Department and the Transportation Department also carried out their work in the field in a coordinated manner. The teams affiliated to the Environmental Protection and Control Department washed the roads and sidewalks with 2 sprinklers. The roads were cleaned with vacuum road sweeping vehicles. In order to make the road lines healthier, first they were cleaned with a broom tool, then the painting process was carried out.

The teams serving within the Department of Transportation carried out the vertical marking (signage) operations at the Multi-Storey Intersection. Road buttons were made for safe driving. Horizontal marking operations of the teams that completed the signaling system (smart intersection) operations were also carried out. The teams installed 2 smart stops and 2 type 1 bus stops in the area.

Trees and flowers were planted

The Park and Gardens Department Teams carried out the replanting of the trees, which were removed in accordance with the technique at the beginning of the project, in various areas and carried out the necessary maintenance work to maintain their healthy state. Within the scope of the landscape studies, 820 tall flame bushes, 1100 gold taflanes, 45 jacaranda, 140 dwarf nandina, 150 japoules, 2 thousand 880 violets and 1536 herringbone plants were planted. In addition, all trees and plants in the study area were pruned.

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