Turkey's Longest Railway Tunnel 10 Km Done

The longest railway tunnel kms of over turkiyenin
The longest railway tunnel kms of over turkiyenin

Which began its work in 2014 in Gaziantep and Nurdağı Başpınar located in Rapid Railway Line, Turkey will be the longest railway tunnel of 2 km of tunnel T10 is over.

Turkey, which began its work in 2014 with Turkey's longest railway tunnel Investigations announced that 10 km of the project finished. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, Gaziantep Governor David Rose, who was the longest railway tunnel project in Turkey Nurdağ. President Şahin shared the following about the review on his social media account:

"Turkey's longest railway tunnel in Nurdağ project is done. Thanks to this railway, Gaziantep will be reached in a very short time, saving time and energy. Our friend in charge explains briefly. We listened with our governor Davut Gül. Good luck already. "

The following statements were made by the officer about the Nurdağı - Başpınar High Speed ​​Line:

“This is our T10 tunnel, 2 kilometers of which ends. This will be Nurdağı and the ending point will be Garden. 10 kilometers of this tunnel, including the concrete covering, is finished. Currently, we have started the superstructure work inside. Anyway, we will have finished the superstructure of the T2 tunnel on this side within this year. Our other T5 tunnel will continue at this stage. Our goal is to complete and deliver this place as soon as possible. "

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