Historical Step for National Communication between TÜRKSAT and ASELSAN

The historical step for national communication between turksat and aselsan
The historical step for national communication between turksat and aselsan

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu stated that they signed a good cooperation in domestic and national value-added satellite services in his speech at the Ka Band National Communication Hub System and Modem Development Project Signature Ceremony signed between TÜRKSAT and Aselsan.

"150 special modems and 2 HUB systems will be produced within the scope of the project."

Turkey's two eminent provider stating ASELSAN and nonfinancial Karaismailoğlu Minister of Turkey will achieve the gains from this partnership, together with technology produced in the global market, announced that it will be supplied as national products of the HUB system. Emphasizing that the signatures signed today are a historical step in the field of nationalization and indigenization in the field of value added satellite services and national communication, Minister Karaismailoğlu spoke as follows:

“We are witnessing the signature program of Ka Band National Communication HUB System and Modem Development Project between TURKSAT and Aselsan. We will produce the HUB system and modems with local and national facilities. Under this project; 150 special modems will be produced and 2 HUB systems will be installed. With the system to be created, product vendors will be realized for corporate customers, home users, military and special tactical applications.

"TÜRKSAT 5A will be received in June and will start working"

By the year 2021, satellite technology and space activities in Turkey noted that access to the dizzying speed of the agenda Minister Karaismailoğlu, Turksat 5A satellite of, after orbit tests gave the information will start and will be delivered in June. Turkey today, underlining that it had to be able to develop and test their own satellite level Karaismailoğlu, "Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, launched on 9 February 2021 Turkey's National Space Program ', which accelerate our satellite and space research. The production of TURKSAT 5B satellite continues in accordance with the planned schedule. We are planning to send this satellite into space in the second half of 2021. TÜRKSAT 6A, our first communication satellite that we produce with domestic and national facilities, will take its place in space in 2022. Within the scope of the National Space Program, we are improving our competitiveness with the world in the field of new generation satellite development. We believe that the power of countries that have a footprint in space will increase on Earth ”.



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