The goal is to establish a 1 million m2 agricultural factory

The goal is to establish a million square meters of agriculture factory
The goal is to establish a million square meters of agriculture factory

The rapidly increasing world population causes an increase in the demand for food. People expect to consume fresh fruits and vegetables throughout their lives. It is getting harder every year to meet the fresh food demand of people due to the declining fertile lands due to the increasing urbanization and industrialization, the climate changes and the inadequate irrigation of agricultural lands. While more production is made with the hormone drugs and other pesticides used to meet this demand, the yield and quality of the fresh foods produced decrease.

HGT Tarım, a Pimtaş establishment, started the works to establish an agricultural factory of 1 million square meters in order to prevent all these problems and to meet the increasing demand for fresh and organic food. All necessary work is underway for the Vertical Agriculture project, which is carried out jointly with PİMARGE and Gebze Technical University.

Smart Agricultural Investment

Vertical farming practice is a method of soil-free farming, unlike traditional methods. Agriculture can be done completely with water without using any soil. Thanks to the Vertical Farming system, there is no need for agricultural land, and the water used is used continuously by using the recirculation system. It allows us to obtain more efficiency with less water usage.

The products that meet our mineral needs in water will be made efficient by lighting with special LEDs without using any fertilizer drugs. While a lettuce soil yields 60 crop in 1 days in our latest works, this period is reduced to 15 in 1 days with the Smart Agriculture system.

Products that are constantly working and controlled by automation with special software are indispensable for customers who want to buy fresh products at affordable prices, apart from being 100% organic.

Our project will stimulate the economy

The arable land requirements of traditional farming are too large and invasive to remain sustainable for future generations. With rapid population growth rates, arable land per capita is expected to decrease by approximately 2050% in 1970 compared to 66. Vertical farming allows more than ten times the crop yield per acre compared to traditional methods. Unlike traditional farming in non-tropical areas, indoor farming can produce crops year-round. All seasonal farming increases the productivity of the field surface 4 to 6 times depending on the crop.

All processes are environmentally friendly

All products that will be used in the system are completely recycled. Environmental problems are becoming less dangerous for the agricultural industry with vertical farming. Farmers do not use chemicals such as pesticides, so the whole process runs environmentally friendly. Vertical farming has an important role in sustainable environment. In addition, it enables the production of fresh and healthy products and production for 365 days without the need for agricultural knowledge.

Speaking about the project, our Chairman of the Board of Directors Şamil Tahmaz said, 'Thanks to this project, which we will implement with 100% domestic and national means, we will protect our country's natural resources and ensure that our nation can access the food products they need most whenever they want. He said to produce what our country needs most and to produce more. ''

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