The Future of Electricity Generation is in Green Energy

The future of electricity generation is in green energy
The future of electricity generation is in green energy

Electricity generation from renewable sources on a global scale reached 2020 thousand 340 TWh in 2 with an increase of 805 TWh compared to the previous year, surpassing all resources.

China leads in renewable energy generation with 732,3 TWh, while the US is second with 489,8 TWh, Germany is third with 224,1 TWh, India is fourth with 134,9 TWh and Japan is fifth with 121,2 TWh. According to the information given by Çağada Kırım, founder of electricity tariffs comparison and supplier switching site; If Turkey has an important potential for green energy last year to a total of 45,3 TWh of electricity production from renewable energy sources to meet. Thus, the growth rate of renewable energy sources in electricity production stood at 20 percent in Turkey.

The rapid disappearance of natural resources continues to develop technologies for energy resources. Green energy, which can be supplied without the need for fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, renewed in a continuous process and available in nature ready to be used; While increasing the usage rate all over the world, it is becoming a promising type of energy generation in our country. According to the information compiled by Çağada Kırım, founder of electricity tariffs comparison and supplier switching site; hydraulic, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, wave, tidal, such as energy resources representing green energy in terms of significant potential with Turkey, in the world with geothermal potential 7. In Europe Ranks # 1 and the share of renewable energy in electricity production Growing steadily.

Electricity generation from solar energy is a global leader

Electricity generation from renewable sources worldwide, reaching a total of 2020 thousand 340 TWh in 2 with an increase of 805 TWh compared to the previous year; It outperformed fossil resources such as coal, oil and carbon. While the biggest growth in renewable energy production was seen in solar energy, 724,1 TWh of electricity was produced from solar energy. Wind energy, which ranked second in growth with an increase of 12,6 percent, contributed 1429,6 TWh to electricity generation last year. The production obtained from other energy sources such as geothermal and biomass was determined as 651,8 TWh.

The head of wind energy in Turkey drew

Earth moves towards a lower carbon, Turkey should increase environmental awareness in the need technological developments in electricity production as well as the deepening of government policy, particularly hydropower, has increased the share of wind and solar energy. Turkey, a total of 2020 TWh of electricity production in 45,3 was provided from renewable energy sources. According to obtained in 2020 from a year earlier to 20 percent growth in electricity production from renewable energy sources in Turkey with 21,7 TWh of electricity production took place first in wind energy. Wind energy was followed by geothermal and biomass with 12,7 TWh, while solar power ranked third with a total production of 10,9 TWh.

Green energy took its place in the 'National Electricity Tariff'

With the regulation made in August 2020 within the scope of the Green Tariff (ETA) application of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) in Turkey, electricity companies can create green energy tariffs and only offer the energy produced by green and domestic energy sources with low carbon emissions to the consumer. There is a sign on the bills of consumers who prefer this tariff, indicating that the electricity they use is produced from clean sources. While consumers using YETA are billed at the tariff rate determined by EMRA (0,757591 TL/kWh for all subscriber groups), there is no difference in invoice items compared to the current tariff. Reactions to this application, which ensures that renewable energy is also supported by consumers and the private sector, are positive. Emphasizing that green energy is produced from domestic and national sources as well as environmentalism, Çağada Kırmızı said, "Fossil resources will eventually run out, the price of fossil resources, where the demand is constantly increasing and the supply is decreasing, is inevitable, and the only solution to get rid of this is to invest in domestic and renewable energy. to do. Although it has short-term costs, its long-term benefits are indisputable. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly important especially in our export markets. kazanThe expectation of sustainability at the moment will be reflected in our industrialists in a short time. Especially European buyers may impose a requirement for products produced in Turkey to be produced with green energy. All these will increase the interest in the Green Tariff, and the sensitivity of the society on this issue will both reduce the damage to the environment and reduce electricity prices in the medium term.

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