US Oil-Carrying Freight Train Crashes TIR at Level Crossing

TIR collides with oil-carrying freight train in Texas, USA
TIR collides with oil-carrying freight train in Texas, USA

A train carrying oil collided with a truck on the railway near the city of Cameron in the Milam County region of Texas, USA.

In the statement made by the Cameron Police Department, it was stated that as a result of the collision, an explosion occurred on the train and a fire broke out.

Burlington North Santa Fe (BNSF) Railways Senior Director of External Communications, Courtney Wallace, confirmed that the train and a truck collided, saying that 110 of the total 13 cars were derailed. Wallace announced that the impact of the collision caused a fire in 5 oil-laden wagons.

Wallace said that after the accident, the area within a half-mile radius was evacuated under security measures.

While it is stated that the train conductor and the truck driver survived the accident, it is not yet known whether there was a loss of life in the accident. A large number of firefighters who were dispatched to the scene continue their firefighting efforts.

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