Increase the Chinese Railway Network to 200 Thousand Km and the Number of Airports to 400

Will increase the Chinese railway network to one thousand km, the number of airports
Will increase the Chinese railway network to one thousand km, the number of airports

Aiming to double the economy by 2035, China also clarifies its 15-year transport expansion plan. China's entire rail system could cover 2035 km by 200. This equates to roughly five trips around the world. Also, by 2035, 162 new civilian airports are expected to be added across China.

The world's largest high-speed rail network could almost double in the next 15 years as part of China's ambitious new plan to expand public transport. This signals that the government will continue to invest in major infrastructure projects while maintaining its goal of doubling. According to a plan published by the Central Committee, Beijing aims to increase its national high-speed rail network to 2035 km (70 miles) by 43. The document stated that the length of the country's entire railway network is expected to increase to 500 km in 15 years.

The railway expansion is part of a comprehensive plan that will include a 460 km national network of highways and normal highways, as well as a 25 km high-quality inland waterway system. The country plans to increase the total number to 162 by adding 400 civil airports in the same period. China's plan shows that the country will put innovation at the center of its transport strategy, elaborate its needs to support smart and autonomous vehicles, and advance the implementation of its own vehicles.

According to the report of the South China Morning Post, infrastructure investments and especially the massive spending on high-speed railways in 2008 stemming from the country's 4 trillion yuan stimulus package helped China overcome the impact of the global financial crisis and subsequently achieve rapid economic growth and further urbanization. However, relying on infrastructure spending to support economic growth has been criticized by many economists as unsustainable and partly stated to worsen the debt burden.

Source: China International Radio

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