Support for Body Immunity from Anatolian Soils

Support for body immunity from the Anatolian lands
Support for body immunity from the Anatolian lands

It is possible to keep the immune system strong with a few minor changes in the meals these days, when the cold weather affects the whole country and the winter season is overwhelming. Bread, which is indispensable on the tables and is an important source of nutrition especially in Turkish society, is the basis of a balanced and healthy diet. With its wide range of products, Lesaffre's Inventis brand offers healthy tastes made from Anatolian wheat for bakers with Siyez Bread Mix and Safranbolu Bread Mix.

A Lesaffre brand, Inventis Bread Mixes, which is a practical assistant of bakeries that want to make a difference by increasing the bread variety offered to their customers, offers healthy products grown in Anatolian lands with their unique smell, color and taste, as well as their flavors appealing to all palates.

Containing high levels of A, B, E vitamins Siyez Bread and increases body resistance with its high antioxidant content Safranbolu Bread, It is one of the healthiest breads of Anatolian soils.

Rich source of fiber to aid digestion

It is obtained by grinding einkorn wheat, which is the oldest known wheat type of Anatolia, as whole grains. Inventis Siyez Bread Mixhelps you make delicious breads. Siyez wheat's low glycemic index feature is a rich source of fiber that helps digestion. At the same time, it contains folic acid, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and many other minerals.

Local flavors on baker's shelves

Containing ground flour and chickpea sour dough flour from grains grown in Safranbolu region Inventis Safranbolu Bread Mix, With its unique taste and smell, it helps you to obtain bread with local flavor.

Stating that it is enough to add only water, salt and yeast to the mix to produce high quality breads with the Inventis Bread Mix series, which is a practical assistant for bakers who want to increase the bread variety they offer to their customers. Turkey Lesaffre Baking Center and Innovation Director Kerem Cetin, continues his words as follows: “We attach importance to the nutritional habits, preferences of consumers and local culture while developing products all over the world. bread in Turkey is a very important nutrient in their daily meals. Therefore, we care about the richness of the product ingredients we have developed, and we strive for the bread to be more qualified and to increase the benefit from the bread. "

Lesaffre's Inventis brand Siyez Bread Mix ve Safranbolu Bread Mix You can diversify your shelves with healthy breads made from the wheat of Anatolia and grown in our geography.

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